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Yseter, October 21st, is the big European launch of Windows Phone 7, where the USA needs to wait for a few weeks. In the Netherlands there are three devices that hit the stores today: (1) HTC Trophy, (2) Samsung Omnia 7 and (3) LG Optimus 7.

Despite the Netherlands are not a -first- launch market, it is possible to access the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace and download or install applications. This how to article will describe how to access Marketplace for Windows Phone 7 from the Netherlands or other non-first-launch countries !

Control panel – Current location

The first important setting to change on your Windows 7 PC is the current location.  You can access this setting in your control panel via:

  • Start
  • Control panel
  • Region and Language
  • Location tab
  • Change current location

As you can see in the screenshot above I have changed my location to  United States, so I can access the Windows Phone 7 marketplace in the USA !

If you leave this setting the same as your country in a non-first-launch market, you simply won’t be able to access the marketplace from your Windows PC.

Create a Windows Live ID with a US address

The second step in the process is creating a new Windows Live ID with a US address (or another first-launch country, like the United Kingdom or Germany).

  • Go to mail.live.com and choose for the option to sign-up for a new Windows Live account;
  • Country, state and zipcode during the set-up process are required from a US  address;
  • Accept and create the Windows Live ID;

Use this website to find your zipcode and address in the United States! Joost van Schaik, Senior Software Architect GIS/ASP.NET, uses www.msn.com for the same procedure of creating a Windows Live ID.

When the Windows Live ID with US address is successfully created, you will be redirected to the inbox of the fresh created Windows Live Mail account !

Install Zune software 4.7

Go to the Zune website and download the Zune software to your Windows PC. Double click on the ZuneSetupPkg.exe and install the Zune software on your notebook.

Recently I have written an article about the upgrade of Zune software 4.2 to Zune software 4.7. Both the upgrade and fresh installationprocess are very similar, so I would like to recommend the Zune software 4.7 Installation article where you can see the different steps of the installation.

The installation is plug-and-play with a single click !

with you Windows Live ID

When you start the Zune software for the first time, you will get a first launch video. However you can choose to skip this one via the button in the right bottom corner.

Start the configuration process by hitting the start button and use the recommended settings of the Zune software.

The screenshot above shows you the main screen of the Zune software. In the upper right corner you can see the pink zune logo, with the text sign-in on the left.

You need to enter the credentials of the recently created Windows Live ID with the US address.

In order to complete the sign-in process, you need to enter so additional information of you Zune account.

Remark the fields in the screenshot above, that consist of the Country:  United States, Language: English and a Postal code from the US as well. In the Zune Account Info screenshot above you need to enter your birthday, otherwise can’t the sign-in process be completed. I must admit that I overlooked this setting, but got notified when I clicked the accept button.

You need to select the Zune social settings, and click on the next button.

Enter the Zune tag, how you will be known in the Zune social community. In the example is the Zune tag “mobilityminded”. The account will be created now, till you see the last screen of the sign-in process.

The Zune account is created successfully ! Hit the finish button to start browsing apps for Windows Phone 7.  Go to marketplace and select apps from the sub-menu !

You are now ready to install Windows Phone 7 applications like:  Seesmic for Windows Phone 7, Foursquare for Windows Phone 7, Facebook for Windows Phone 7 and many more helpful applications.

Summary and concluding thoughts

This how to article consists of a lot of pictures, and it might look more complicated than it is. The whole process consists of 6 main steps, which I have summarized below:

  1. Change current location to  United States;
  2. Create a Windows Live ID with a US address;
  3. Install Zune software 4.7
  4. Sign-in with the created
  5. Create a Windows Live ID with a US address;
  6. Configure the Zune account (for example enter your birthday, zune tag, etc.);

Because I have been using a Zune HD for the past year, I have gone to a similar process. An international Zune usersguide, written by Jason Dunn Editor in Chief of Thoughtsmedia and Windows Phone MVP has helped me to get the Zune HD connected to the Marketplace. It won’t be a big surprise to see the similarities in both the tutorials !

Other how to articles:


hi from Greece
nice solution. Thanks 🙂

how to make postal code

Hi I am from Australia and works well for music and free apps but even with zune credit points I cannot buy paid apps anymore. 🙁

If I follow this guide and gain access to the Marketplace, will I be able to switch back to my original Windows Live ID once Marketplace is actually available in my country?

Hi Skeletor,

From what I know that is NOT possible! The first live ID being entered cannot be changed.
So you should conciser if you plan to buy applications, to either wait or buy them with your current live ID.


Hi. I didn’t have to go far beyond creating a new US Live mail. I have my current Live account registered in Philippines, and already had Zune installed and using it for some time now. My main concern was to download from Marketplace even if my phone is synced with Zune. I followed the first step which is to change the Location from Region settings to United States, launch Zune, and wala! I have my Marketplace in my Zune 🙂

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