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A few days ago MobilityMinded announced the winner of the AT&T Pantech Matrix Pro Give  Away contest. As it was mentioned this is a large scale contest together with 25 other well respected websites.  If you missed the luck to win the AT&T Pantech Matrix Pro in our contest, two close friends are also offering a great contest to win this excellent Windows Phone ! Below you will find the details of the contest and some background information on the people running these great sites !


Experience Mobility

Let me first start with Experience Mobility, which covers a variety of topics about the Windows- and Windows Mobile platform. Jack has published a more than excellent review about the AT&T Pantech Matrix Pro, which you simply need to check out. It contains a lot of detailed and good pictures which cover different aspects of the device! It’s really worth taking your time to read it.

If you are simply dying to win the AT&T Pantech Matrix Pro check out the Experience Mobility contest rules below in order to enter the contest:

  1. You need to register here on Experience Mobility.
  2. Read the Experience Mobility Review on the AT&T Pantech Matrix Pro (found here:  REVIEW: AT&T Pantech Matrix Pro )
  3. In the review’s comments area, quote a sentence of the review and tell me what intrigued you about it.
  4. Join Twitter, sign in and Tweet the text inside these brackets:
    [ I just read the AT&T Pantech Matrix Pro Review at ExperienceMobility! http://bit.ly/pwOs9 ]
  5. Come back and in the comment section of this post, give a direct link to your tweet.”

In the original article you can find additional and more detailed information.

Jack Cook

jack“Jack spent 35 years teaching mathematics, worked as a Dean of Students, and completed his career as a Principal of a suburban school just outside of Boston, Massachusetts.

Always the teacher, Jack participates in several discussion groups and is currently serving as Senior Editor on Mobilitysite, participates in the Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine Blogs and maintains his personal site, Experience Mobility. Furthermore Jack serves on the board of advisors for SCOTTEVEST.

As a lighthouse guides a ship at night, it is my hope that my thoughts will help guide you to Experience Mobility.”


Mobile Jaw

mobilejaw_logo_110px“Mobile Jaw is a site dedicated to talking about mobility.  We’re not trying to be another breaking news site – there’s plenty of those around.  Mobile Jaw is focused on articles, reviews, tips & tricks, and our random thoughts as they relate to mobility.  When we say mobility, we’re not just talking about phones – although, that will be a big part of our focus.  For us, Mobility is using technology to help keep you connected to the things that matter when you’re out and about.”

Yesterday the give away contest was started at the MobileJaw website, and  Mike gave it a nice touch and included mother’s day in the contest. 

So, to enter, you need to post a picture of you and your mother. Since we don’t have the ability for you to upload your images, you have 2 choices on how to do this:

  • Share you picture here on MobileJaw
    1. Login here at MobileJaw (If you don’t have an account, you can register here for free).
    2. Reply to this post with a link to a picture of you and your mother hosted on Flickr, ImageShack, or some other free image hosting service.
  • Tweet your picture on Twitter
    1. Login into Twitter (If you don’t have an account, you can register for a free account at Twitter.com).
    2. Follow @MobileJaw
    3. Tweet the following message along with a TwitPic of your Mom – “Happy Mother’s Day Mom and thanks for the chance to win a Matrix Pro @MobileJaw”

Check out the original article of the Mobile Jaw contest. 

Mike Temporale 

“Mike Temporale works as a technical consultant for companies looking to implement Mobile Device Management solutions. In his spare time, Mike enjoys writing articles, reviews, and thoughts about mobile technology at his blog MobileJaw.com.

Mike is a Microsoft Mobile Devices MVP and is also member of the invite-only Microsoft Mobius mobile device evangelist group. His profile can be found at: https://mvp.support.microsoft.com/profile=A099F7EC-929B-420C-8D0A-5A09EE2F49D8#name ” [ref04]


Wrap up

I hope that the message of this article is two fold. First you have now two fair chances to enter a contest and win the AT&T Pantech Matrix Pro. Again the http://experiencemobility.net/?p=2307 is highly recommended. And further I hope it gives you readers a view of the websites Experience Mobility and Mobile Jaw, and the people who are running the websites putting their spare free time in it to write articles and inform the Windows Mobile Community.


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