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I would like to start with a short reminder about the expanded alliance between Microsoft and LG Electronics, about 1.5 year ago:

“LG Electronics (LG) and Microsoft Corp. today announced an expanded alliance to dramatically increase the number of LG phones running Windows. As part of the agreement, LG will make Windows its primary operating system for its smartphones and will increase both the number of Windows® phones in its portfolio and the total volume of Windows® phones it distributes. This will create a tenfold increase in the volume of Windows® phones available from LG in 2009 and bring up to 26 new Windows® phones to market in 2012 alone. Overall, the agreement can result in more than 50 new LG Windows® phones.

The great thing here is that most new devices will be in the Windows Phone 7 time frame from now onto 2012. Lets see if LG Electronics made a head start with the first Windows Phone 7 device, the LG Optimus 7 or LG E-900 !

In the Netherlands there are three launch partners:

  1. HTC with the HTC Trophy;
  2. Samsung with the Samsung Omnia 7. Paul Willen has published an excellent Samsung Omnia 7 review of this device yesterday !
  3. LG with the LG Optimus 7 / LG E-900.

While it is not in the stores yet, I’m excited to share my thoughts and experiences about this device. I will have a detailed look at the hardware first, and zoom in on the unique software additions from LG. However lets have a look first what is in the LG Optimus 7 retail package.