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Vodafone Netherlands offers subscriptions for individual persons as well as subscriptions for business customers. The result is that both have a different access point name for the cellular data connection, which sometimes caused problems with automatic connection setup on Windows Mobile 6.x devices (in the case that the database with connections wasn’t up to date).

Both the LG Optimus 7 and the HTC 7 Trophy I was able to add / edit the cellular data settings manually. Because both were Vodafone branded I was surprised that the connection isn’t setup automatically. The short tutorial below outlines the steps to setup the cellular data connection for your Windows Phone 7 device.

How to change data connection settings like APN in Windows Phone 7

  • Start (menu) Button;
  • Choose Settings from the program list;
  • Make sure the system settings are selected in the panorama (and not the application settings);
  • Scroll down to cellular (which is shown in the left screenshot above);
  • Click on the edit apn button to hard reset your Windows Phone 7 device;
  • Enter the APN settings:  APN, username, password (which is shown in the right screenshot above);
  • Confirm by clicking on the left check-icon in the slide-up menu.

What other cellular settings can be configured ?

In the left screenshot above you can see an overview of all the settings to finetune the cellular usage of your Windows Phone 7 device.

  1. You can switch on/off the cellular Data Connection with the finger friendly on/off slider (on the right). You simply tap on the slider, and you will see the status (on the left) change from on to off or visa versa.
  2. Change the Data Roaming options from a pull down menu. The value don’t roam means your data connection will be turned off, when entering a roaming area. You don’t need an application like MoDaCo NoData anymore, because Windows Phone 7 doesn’t allow non-native applications to run in the background, which means no applications can automatically access the data connection when you are abroad.
  3. You can switch on/off the use of a 3G connection when available with the finger friendly on/off slider (on the right);
  4. You can configure the network selection. Set the network selection to automatic, or set it manually after a search for available cellular networks.
  5. Edit the APN settings, which is described in the step-by-step guide above.

If you would like to get learn more about Windows Phone 7 settings I would like to recommend my 5000 word review with 70 screenshots of the Windows Phone 7 core OS features ! Please have a look at the other how to articles below to get more out of your Windows Phone 7 device.

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Is it possible to set a proxyserver over 3G? So i need to use the proxyserver to go to the internet.

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Michael Burton Sr.

As a new user to windows phone, my network (airvoice wireless) requires two apn settings to use their network, is this possible with win7.5! Any help appreciated before I buy android. I need a large screen, old eyes.

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