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Windows Phone 7 core features, the Samsung Omnia 7 and the LG Optimus 7 have been reviewed on this website. However with the new Windows Phone 7 it is really hard to get the specific Mac Address of the phone. In all the settings you can’t find this Mac address. But with the Samsung Focus and the Omnia 7  there is now a better way to get this.

Many companies apply mac filtering for giving access to mobile devices on their network. For the strangest thing in the newly released Microsoft Windows Phone 7 operating system you can get this mac address directly from the phone as a consumer. The hard way is to connect to a visible network and have an administrator look at the back end of this network to see who is connecting/disconnecting to determine which Mac Address is doing this.

Can you imagine this happening in a big company. Even if the network is visible you still need to give the network administrator your mac address to give you permission to be on that visible network.

A new quick solution has appeared in the Windows Phone 7 Answers forum for the Samsung Focus. I have tried it on mine, and it works like a charm.

Steps to discover your Mac Address on the Samsung Focus and Omnia 7 Windows Phone 7

  • Go to the Phone section (as if you were going to make a call)
  • Enter ##634# and select “Call

  • It did not call anything.  There should now be a “Diagnosis” option on the top of your screen;
  • Go to Diagnosis and a keypad comes up and enter *#1234# –It should bring up a menu that includes the WiFi Mac Address;

Now you can write down this Mac Address and handed it over to your network administrator, and put it into your notes which will sync to your SkyDrive account for future reference.

Please let us know if this works with any other Samsung Windows Phone 7 or for that matter any Windows Phone 7 ?

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