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How to’s, Windows Phone 7 core features, the Samsung Omnia 7 and the LG Optimus 7 have been reviewed on this website. However with the new Windows Phone 7 it is really hard to get the status of your battery. In all the settings you can’t find the percentage left on your battery. But with the Samsung Focus and the Omnia 7  there is now a better way to get this.

With the new Windows Phone 7 you only can see a little small battery meter when you slide down your finger from the top of your screen down. However with this little battery is hard to see where you really at with your battery. Two days ago we gave an article how to view your WIFI Mac Address on your Samsung Windows Phone devices using a build in Diagnostics Samsung tool.

Now we have found the code as well to check the status of your battery on the Samsung Focus and * #Omnia 7  Windows Phone 7.

Steps to check your battery level in percentage on your Samsung Focus and Omnia 7 Windows Phone’s

  • Go to the Phone section (as if you were going to make a call)
  • Enter ##634# and select “Call

  • It did not call anything.  There should now be a “Diagnosis” option on the top of your screen with a numeric keypad;
  • On the Keypad you enter *#2*#

  • The first screen will show you Battery Percentage on the bottom of the device

  • Tapping the Windows logo will get you back to your home screen.


Make a contact  named Samsung Diagnostics in your People Hub for quick and easy access to these diagnostics.

Samsung Diagnostics
Phone number: ##634#
Mac Address *#1234#
Battery Status *#2*#
Test Brightness (bonus code) *#3*#

On my device I also have the Samsung Diagnostics show up in my app list as “Diagnosis”. This appeared after the first time I used it.

Video Demonstration

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This is brilliant, phone appeared to not be charging from USB to computer. This helped verified that.
Thanks very much

I have an Optimus 7 and gave this a try. It asks me for an Input Code and instead of being labeled Diagnostics it was labeled MFG and installs an MFG app as well.

I don’t suppose you know the code required here?

BTW, great blog. Thanks

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