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Earlier last week we found out that using the Samsung Diagnostics Toolon the  Samsung Windows Phone  7 devices you could tether your device to your laptop. But using this same method will also allow you to create a Wifi Hotspot using your Samsung Focus or Omnia 7 Windows Phone 7  device.

With thethering with the  Windows Phone 7 Samsung Focus and Omnia 7 uncovered last week made me go back in my draw and pull out my CradlePoint PHS-300. I used this personal Wifi hotspot 3G/4G for some earlier Windows Phone devices to create a reliable Wifi Hotspot.

Basically it used to be very simple. Connect your USB charging/data cable between your device and the CradlePoint and it would automatically send out a wifi using the data pipe line of your mobile device. However with the Samsung Windows Phone 7 you need to change some settings within the CradlePoint and activate your phone to USB Tethering.

Steps to create a Wifi Hotspot on your Samsung Windows Phone 7 using the Cradlepoint PHS-300

  • Go to the Phone section (as if you were going to make a call)
  • Enter ##634# and select “Call

  • It did not call anything.  There should now be a “Diagnosis” option on the top of your screen;
  • Go to Diagnosis and a keypad comes up and enter *#7284# This will bring up the Micro USB Test and Path Control.
  • Select Modem, Tethered Call.

  • The device will restart automatically and is ready for tethering.
  • Use the same steps to go back an activate the Zune Sync after your are done with the tethering.
  • The next step is to set up your Cradlepoint.
  • Turn on the CradlePoint (preferably with power adapter attached)
  • Use a laptop to make a connection with your CradlePoint.
  • use your browser to connect to the Cradlepoint by typing in the ip address in the address bar and hit enter.
  • The CradlePoint dashboard will pop up and ask for your password. The default password are the last 6 keys of the CradlePoint mac address, located on your device.
  • Now go to Modem-Settings and add the following information in the 3G Settings (see image)

  • Select “Save Settings” on the top of your screen and the CradlePoint will restart and is ready to go as well.
  • After the Cradlepoint is restarted just connect your USB charging/data cable in between the Samsung Windows Phone and the CradlePoint and after a small moment the Cradlepoint will show a little green light right next to the the little cellphone icon and you are ready to go.

Video showing the tethering

Specifications CradlePoint PHS-300

  • Up to 150 feet of WiFi Range
  • Connect up to 16 Devices
  • Battery Powered For Portability
  • Hours of WiFi with your 3G/4G Handset/Data Modem
  • Secure Out Of The Box – You Choose Who Connects To Your WiFiTethers to select Smartphones or over 100 USB Modems for WiFi access anywhere you have coverage
  • Compact Size You Can Take Anywhere
  • Compliant with IEEE 802.11 b/g Standards
  • Take it Anywhere with Rechargable, Replaceable Batteries and an Auto Power Adapter
  • MSRP $179.99

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Regarding the Cradlepoint. Do you have to have a model specific to AT&T’s network to use as a WiFi hotspot? I would like to buy one and there are several versions on eBay. Not sure which one I need.


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