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Otterbox is well known for its protective cases for a lot of devices. One of the latest additions to the Defender Series is a Defender case for the Samsung Galaxy Tab. I have used several Otterbox products before and I must admit when my device is protected by a Defender case I don’t have to worry it gets damaged or suffers any influences from outside. The Otterbox does not make your device waterproof, although a small spill can easily be survived. It protects your device from scratches, dust, bumps and shocks. I can now use the Tab in virtually any condition where I wouldn’t use it without protection. A year ago, my iPhone with a Defender case even survived a drop from 1 meter at a speed of 40 km/h when downhilling on my mountainbike. The case was damaged, but the iPhone didn’t suffer any damage.

What’s in the package ?

When you unpack the Defender case, you’ll find several parts in the box. First, there is a protective polycarbonate shell which consists of two parts. The front part of the shell contains a clear protective film which functions as a screen protector. The back part needs to be attached to the front part to enclose the Galaxy Tab completely. After that, you need to attach the silicone skin to close all the gaps. All buttons and ports are accessible via silicone plugs. This silicone skin will absorb the impact and gives a firm grip when you hold it in you hand. The final part serves both as a desk stand for the Galaxy Tab in the Defender case or as a full protector, so the screen won’t get damaged. The picture below should give you a good impression how the Defender case is constructed.

Putting it all together

In the picture series below, I will try to give you a good overview on how to attach all parts together, so your Galaxy Tab is very well protected on your next mountaineering or jungle trip. An overview of all the parts: On the left you see the front part with the protective film, than the back part, next to the back part the silicone skin and on the right the desk stand/front protector.

When you start the assembly, first you have to attach the front and back parts together. Do not forget to clean the display of the Galaxy Tab and the inside of the protective film, otherwise you’ll see the swipes or smudges on the screen behind the film. Now, click the two parts together. The best way is to start at the bottom and click it together until the top.

Now wrap the silicone skin over the shell and make sure all connectors and ports are aligned and you can operate all buttons. Your Defender case is now ready for use. Just open the port on the top if you want to connect a headphone jack or the port at the bottom to connect the sync/charge cable.

Usage and final verdict

If you use the Defender case daily your device is very well protected and you can throw it in a bag without thinking twice. Using the ports is easy too, but using the touchscreen requires some more precision.  There is an extra layer on top of the touchscreen and while operating the touchscreen in the middle works out just fine, using it at the edges requires a bit more precision and even touching a soft button once or twice to activate it happened several times to me. But these small drawbacks are nothing compared to the protection you’ll get for your Galaxy Tab ! This is the best you can get and it will last for years. It’s versatile too, because the screencover can also be used as a stand for your Tab, so you can watch a movie without holding the device !

Grab your Otterbox at the Otterbox website or check them out at a retailer like Best Buy.


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