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OtterBox announced and showed us a preview of a new series cases called the Reflex Series during CES 2011. OtterBox has been known of their amazing cases that well protect your mobile devices. Their Commuter, Impact and of course their Defender series cases have been a huge success. The Reflex series is a complete new and different design that is the slimmest and lightest, but will still give you the ultimate protection you need.

The OtterBox Reflex case is a two part case that gives you Reflex zones in the corners of your case. Within the case a cushion of air gives you the extra protection for your device when it falls, similar to a crumple zone of a car. The Reflex case is very light weight and allows you to easily remove the bottom half of the case if you want to dock the device. The bottom of the case is open enough for your speakers to give you the volume you need and allows you to connect all original and 3rd party cables. The top has a nice wide enough opening to allow the connection of most headphones. The Vibrate/Silence switch opening is also wide enough to make this function still a function. The Power and Volume buttons are covered with precise button activators.

The OtterBox Reflex series cases are available for the Apple iPhone 4 and the BlackBerry Curve 8500/9300 at a price of $44.95 on the OtterBox site.  The iPhone 4 version gives you 4 color combinations to choose from and the BlackBerry version only 2.

Video Review

Take a look at the video review how nicely the Reflex Series case is on the iPhone 4.


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