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Until now it was not possible to connect to hidden networks on your Windows Phone 7, leaving a lot of disappointed users with no other choice to connect other than visible networks. The reasons to make a network hidden are obvious. What can’t be seen isn’t there. Although a lot of laptop or tablet users can connect to hidden networks without any problems, Windows Phone 7 users can’t even see those networks. Now HTC has developed a small app to let your HTC Windows Phone 7 connect to those hidden networks. At this moment it only can be found in the market for HTC users.

The app is free for MarketPlace users. Be sure to rate this app too !

After downloading the app from the Marketplace it will automatically appear in your list of apps. Just press the Hidden WiFi app and the program will start.
The app itself is pretty basic. The only thing you can do is add a hidden network. Please enter the name of the hidden network and press Confirm.

Now you can go to the WiFi settings and add this network. While creating these screenshots, I did not have access to a hidden WiFi network. As soon as I have access to one, I’ll update these screenshots.

You can find the app in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. Please leave a message here or in the forum if this actually resolved your problem when connecting to hidden networks.


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