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Today at the WWDC keynote event Apple announced the newest version of its mobile operating system. iOS5 will have more than 200 new features, the ten most important ones were included in the presentation. A brief overview of some of the most interesting features.



  • Notifications

iOS5 will get a Notifications Center, notifications will become visible when you swipe down from the top of the screen (similar to how it works on Android).

  • Twitter integrations

Twitter will be fully integrated in the OS

  • Safari improvements

Tabbed browsing on the iPad and a reading list (similar to Instapaper or Read it later) to save articles for later. These will synchronise between your iOS devices.

  • Reminders

A to do list that is location aware (many apps are available with similar features).

  • Camera improvements

You can now make a picture without unlocking your phone, straight from the lock screen (a WP7 like feature). Furthermore the volume-up button will allow you to take a picture.

  • Improved mail

Flags will be supported, hopefully this will work also for Exchange accounts. Full message search function.


  • iMessage

A WhatsApp/Blackberry messenger service.

  • PC Free

Should also be called Mac Free, no longer is it needed to first attach your new iOS device to iTunes.

  • Over the air software updates

There will be incremental updates, no more downloading of a full version.

  • iCloud

Apple online content storage service. Calendar, email, music, photos, apps, documents, this service will store it all up to 5Gb and push it to your iOS devices.



Apple again improved their mobile Operating System with many useful features. Not all of them are unique to iOS, but by incorporating them deeply into their platform they are raising the bar again for the competition, in particular for their tablets. iOS5 will be available to the latest two hardware generations of iPhone/iTouch and iPad. iCloud will be seamlessly integrated with iOS5.



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