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Many people have either a Gmail account or a Google Mail account for their own domain. However, the quick Gmail set-up on some phones only brings in your emails from your Gmail or Google mail account and not your contacts and calendar items.  This article will show you that it is possible to sync your Gmail- Google mail,  contacts and calendar items onto your device using the Corporate Exchange protocol. The advantage of using this protocol on an Android device is that you are able to change the sync settings to a specific time frame instead of the only Push setting in the standard “add Google account” on the Android devices. This can save you a lot of battery power.

Remove existing Gmail- Google mail account.

First of all we have to be sure that you start removing your earlier quick Google / Gmail account that you have set up on your Device. Go to your account settings on your device and remove all excisting Google Gmail account that were set up using the quick “add Google/Gmail” account.


Adding your Gmail – Google mail account using the Corporate Exchange settings.

The following steps will guide you in setting up your Gmail – Google mail account as an exchange account on your mobile device.

(Ps. If you have a account for your own domain you first need to activate the active sync functionality in your Google Domain Dashboard.  “Manage this Domain -> Mobile-> Check box “Enable Google Sync“->Save settings

  1. On most devices you can add a new account in the settings section.
  2. Tap on “Add Account” which is listed under your already set up email accounts.
  3. Select “Corporate Account, Outlook or Microsoft Exchange” depending on your device.
  4. Type in your email in the first field.   Name@gmail.com or Name@yourowndomain.com
  5. Type your password in the password field
  6. Type in the Server  field the server address “m.google.com
  7. Check the boxes for SSL and accept all SSL certificates.
  8. Now the “Next” button on the top right of your screen will be active.
  9. On most next screens you can select which data you want synced (Email, Calendar, Contacts) and the frequency. Select Push for instant download of all new items. But if you have many accounts on your device I would recommend changing it to a less frequent time to safe on your battery power
  10. Now you should be all set. Your data connection will sync all your contacts , calendar and emails for this account.

This works great, but one issue. A duplicate email is created for every email in my account because of the “All Mail” folder in gmail. Unsycing this folder resolves the problem, but is there any way to sync it correctly without the duplicates?

Thanks…it helped me….but contacts display on contacts from My contacts…does not show other user created groups

did not work for me. Only contacts first names appear, but not their number

Thank you so much. Very useful indeed!!

But for my Samsung Galxy Note 2, I have to set my coporate account on gmail as follows:
“Setting” > “Add Account” >
“Email” > Name@gmail.com or Name@yourowndomain.com >
Type password > “Next”> “IMAP Account” >
Type in the Server field the server address “smtp.gmail.com” >
Check the boxes for SSL (Accept all SSL certificates) >
Port number will automatically show up >
check “require sign-in” >
input username Name@yourowndomain.com (again) >
Type password > click“Next”.
Then, select which data you want synced, frequency, etc.

at my phone it says unable to connect to server why?????? i have done al of the above….

Sabzar Boxer

First I remove all the existing emails in my device then I go to the setting syn&acounts add acounts sellect coporate account wright down username password next itshows username/domain
ssl certificates select accept all certificates then iclick the next then it shows this will not axist in the permission owner of server
so please solve prolem sir

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