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As part of the Mango announcements Microsoft also announced a web based Marketplace to browse and purchase apps for the Windows Phone. As earlier announced today Microsoft updated their Windows Phone and Where is my Phone’s Update pages, but besides that they also launched their web based Marketplace. No need for a Zune client om your desktop to find or browse for apps.

Purchase and Free downloads

This web based Marketplace (US :  http://www.windowsphone.com/en-US/marketplace ) for Windows Phone allows you not just to browse and find an app but also to send you a text message with the download link in it. Tapping this download link will open up the app on your Windows Phone Marketplace.

In my test the text message did not appear yet, but the site automatically told me it send a email with the link instead. I haven’t seen that email come in yet either.  However it did appear on my phone automatically while connected to my home Wi-Fi connection. That’s even better.




The Web based Market is also smart enough to see that apps are previously purchased and let’s you know that you can just re-install it. However going through the process it tells me on the end that it will automatically be downloaded to the phone. For larger files you need to wait until you are in a Wi-Fi covered area.


Source: sister site  WP7.nl 


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