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On the Msdn forums a detailed post appeared today how to update your Mango developer build Windows Phone with no roll back to a previous back-up. It looks pretty easy, just let it run some extra updates.

If the Zune software gets stuck between the two updates just it cancel and restart the search for the update.



Source: MSDN forum

Windows Phone 7.5: Updating OS from Beta 2 to RTM

This morning, we started rolling out the ‘Mango’ updates to around the world; at the same time, developers can all update their devices to Windows Phone 7.5 without having to fall back to the backup taken at the beginning of the provisioning process. This update is being made available to those running build 7712 on a retail device that was updated to ‘Mango’ using the provisioning tool we published to Connect a couple months ago.

To receive the update, connect your retail device to your faithful Zune client. The path to RTM will be applied in two parts:

    • First, your device will receive the update that takes your phone from build 7712 to 7720
    • Next, the update will clean-up the pre-production provisioning and repoint your device to the production update servers

Once provisioned back to the production servers, your device is then ready and capable to receive updates specific to your device/carrier combination, making it possible for you to receive such updates as drivers and firmware. If your device had drivers made available over the summer, you should see them immediately; and in the coming weeks, you should see the Windows Phone 7.5 device updates from your carrier as they are available for your device. Check out the ‘Where’s My Phone Update?’ page for the latest global status info.

This is great news!

At this point, you’re back in a happy place and able to be supported once more by your carrier. And even better, thanks to some extra work by our engineering teams, this means that most of you will not need to restore back to 739x, and that your data and settings will remain intact – meaning no saved games.

There are a few caveats to this process that it is worth noting:

    • Download Zune 4.8: For best results, you should be running version 4.8.2345.0 of the Zune client. To update your Zune client, click on ‘Settings’ -> ‘Software’ -> ‘General’, and click the ‘Check for Updates’ button.
    • Support scoped to 7712: This de-provisioning process has only been tested on devices updated (a) using the provided provisioning tool and (b) running the pre-release build (7712) released via the pre-release servers. Folks still running on build 7661 should be provided the 7712 update as part of this update process. All other pre-release configurations are untested and unsupported.
    • Phone Backup and Disk Space: The first step of the update to 7720 is for Zune to perform another backup of your phone. As such, make a copy of your 7390 backup before you start on the update process (you may still yet need it) and be sure you have enough free disk space on your computer to support the backup.
    • Driver updates may trail: The dev de-provisioning process occurs separately from the Windows Phone 7.5 update process for the general customer base on the production servers. Once provisioned back to the production servers, you may still have to wait to be eligible for your device-specific updates. As such, you may still experience some quirks with your device until you receive device and carrier-specific updates tuned for your specific device. We will try to provide additional data here to allow you to know when you’re retail device is finally ‘done’, but I don’t have that information to share at this point.

But wait! Protect that backup!

Lastly, in the known issues category, it has been observed that a small number of users may not receive device-specific updates released in the July timeframe. As such, you should absolutely be sure to hold onto that copy of your 739x backup before you begin the update process and continue to keep it in a safe place.

Windows Phone updates are cumulative in nature, and assume the presence of those that came before them. As such, getting a later update without the earlier one can put you in a less than ideal place. For folks who fail to receive a prior update, they may need to resort to using the 7390 backup in order to receive these updates. While there will be a few folks that this won’t help move forward to a supported state, it’s best to be prepared in case it happens to you.

Closing out the OS Beta

With this post, we’re officially declaring this program closed down. J I am no longer processing Connect invitation requests, and I will also be removing the provisioning binary files from the Connect server.

And, on behalf of the Windows Phone Division, I would like to take a moment to extend a heart-felt thanks to everyone that collectively participated in the ‘Mango’ OS Pre-Release. We updated over 75,000 devices over the past three months. Thank you for your patience in getting the invites and working through a process that was quite manual this go around. I’d also like to thank our App Hub support team that helped troubleshoot issues with updates and missing invites; and thanks to the engineering team (John Menter and Andrew Brown, specifically) for monitoring the boards and troubleshooting your issues; and a warm thanks to our active App Hub users for supporting your peers.

Thank you to all for helping to test the update process, yielding a better experience for our customers; and thank you for getting your apps built and tested in time for our Mango roll-out. It’s been great having you on board for the road to Windows Phone 7.5!

Most of all – thank you for being a Windows Phone developer, and collectively supporting our platform.




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