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The Microsoft Zune Pass is currently a great deal. For $14.99 a month you can download and stream unlimited music and keep it as long as you keep your subscription. In addition to this you are allowed to download 10 songs per month for you to keep forever. However on October 3rd,  2011 the Music Pass will go down in price to $9.99 a month but you will loose the 10 songs forever downloads. All current Zune Pass customers are allowed to keep their current plan $14.99 plan if they want and will get the new added music video streaming as well.

If you do want the 10 forever download songs a month, I suggest you make that decision in the next 3 days. Go over to the Zune website. I know I will be keeping my subscription as is, I have teenagers in the house and we use other music players as well.

Don’t forget , the Zune pass will work on your Windows Phone, XBOX 360 (Live subscription required), desktop and Zune HD player.

The Zune Pass will be as follows depending on being a new customer or an existing customer.




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