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As most Comcast / Xfinity costumers now know they need to get a small digital decoder box for the TV’s in their household that don’t have a cable box from Comcast already. However this small digital converter box that you have to put in between will set you back to the future.

I have three TV’s in my house:

  1. Living room : HD TV with HD DVR Cable box (No Issues)
  2. Basement: Old Tube TV for the kids plugged-in straight to the Wall
  3. Bedroom: Small flat screen HD Ready plugged-in straight to the Wall

With my set up in the Living room I have no problems. With the Basement set up the new digital adapter doesn’t make much difference.

However in the Bedroom I was receiving (before the digital adapter) a perfect picture on all channels HD and Non-HD.  The TV I have is a HD Ready TV. The HD Channels were like 30.1 or 8.1 while the local channel were just the numbers.

In the last couple of months Comcast is converting their customers to add small digital boxes to their TV’s that are plugged in straight to the wall. Comcast claims that it is for security reasons. So today I plugged in the small digital box between the wall port and the TV. To my big surprise I don’t have access anymore to the local HD Channels I had before.

Ok, I get that they want more money from me in renting a HD converter box. BUT the biggest surprise was to see that I lost immense picture quality and sharpness on all my available channels through this converter box on my beautiful HD ready TV.

In my discussions with Comcast on the phone and twitter they were fast to react. But it doesn’t solve my problem. The customer service rep on the phone completely understands me and told me that indeed the new digital converter box will give you less sharpness of picture on all your channels on your TV.

The only way to get that quality back is to upgrade to a HD Digital converter box. SO this great “security fix” really puts all Comcast / Xfinity customers back in to the future and makes their HD ready TV the quality of a Tube TV. And while add it the will milk you for money to get it back.

I will be unplugging this box for now until I loose the signal, but many customers don’t have that choice anymore. And on top of that I will have a fully functional remote again as well.

Update: An appointment will be made by Comcast to come and look at our specific situation. Because  Comcast twitter support thinks it can be fixed, compared to what the customer service rep told me on the phone.

Update 10/4/2011: Good news. Comcast responded and Technician will come out to see and fix the problem. I’ll keep you posted


there’s no “fix” for this unless you pay the extra 10 bucks a month PER TV for their HD box. Comcast SUCKS

W. Dale Miller

It has been my experience that the new and better Comcast is two steps back. I am only waiting for my contract to expire so I can dump them. In actuality, no TV is better than Comcast and with the expansiveness of internet available entertainment, Comcast will have to become more competent and much more competitive. Rest asured, I will drop them the minute I can!
Dale Miller, Chicago