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I have been frustrated for awhile why I couldn’t see any Facebook updates of certain friends in the People Hub and those Individual and Group Tiles but was able to read their posts and updates from the official Facebook app from the Marketplace. Well!!! it has to do do with the the Privacy setting of that specific person.

The Facebook app is an official app from Facebook it self and published in the Marketplace which will allow you to see the updates from your friends set by their custom posting settings. However if you use the People Hub features to check up on their postings you could be surprised to see a message that that person doesn’t allow you to see it. Postings or Pictures.

To fix this you actually have to let that person know to change their privacy settings in Facebook to allow you to see their posts in “How People bring your info to apps they Use”. This is an extra privacy setting for their and your friends to see your updates in Facebook accessible apps they use to access your information. Don’t worry, once you change this, it will still follow your custom posting privacy setting you have set up.

Make sure you let your friends know about this and make sure you change this as well for your friends to access your information on their Windows Phone People Hub, Group and Individual Tiles.

How to Change your privacy Settings to Allow Access of Your custom Post on Friends Facebook related Applications.

  1. Log in to Facebook
  2. On the right top select the little arrow down and select “Privacy Settings”
  3. Select “Edit Settings” under “Apps and Websites”
  4. Select “Edit Settings” under “How people bring your info to apps they use”
  5. Select the Boxes you want your friends to see in their Facebook related apps. (My Status Updates and My Photo’s are key for the People Hub)
  6. Select “Save Changes”
  7. Now when you or your friend has changed this you can see their post updates and pictures in the “What’s New” section on the People Hub, Group and Personal tiles.
It is a little strange to let your friends know that they have to change something in their privacy settings for you to change that. Maybe in their custom settings of  “Update Status” they have opted you out by using a specific posting list and then you still won’t see the info you want to see.