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Apple just released the iOS 5 update for their iPhone 3G, iPhone 4,TV,  iPad and iPad 2. However many people are getting errors trying to install it the regular way using iTunes. The reports say it has to do with the Apple servers at this moment. But here is the fix to this problem.

Some people have luck with the following steps. It worked for me 🙂

  1. Reboot your Computer
  2. Manually download your ISPW iOS 5 file from here.
  3. Save this file in a folder on your desktop.(not directly on your desktop)
  4. Open up iTunes
  5. Connect your Apple device to your computer.
  6. Hold down the power and home button together for 10 seconds until the Apple logo shows and let go of the power button but hold on to your home button until the restore mode has been activated. Screen displays usb cable and iTunes logo.
  7. ITunes on your computer will have an option to Restore. Before you click on this “Restore” option make sure you hold down the shift key on your keyboard while clicking on this restore option
  8. Find the location of your downloaded ISPW file and select this file for the restore process.
This will get your Apple Device up and running with iOS 5
Note: You need to have a sim card in the iPhone for the activation process after it has been updated.



iam having this error and its not leaving it downloads the software upto 50 % the the error pop up HELP!!!!