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Facebook always had the option on your desktop to filter your news feed to just read the updates of people you had put into a custom list. However in a couple of the last updates on Facebook, Facebook has been automatically creating some lists for you as well. My main complaint on the Mobile Facebook apps was that you couldn’t filter your news feed to these list on the Mobile device applications. It is possible but it is not that obvious and requires a little trick.  In this article I explain you how you can do this on your Windows Phone, Apple iPhone, iPad and on all Android devices.

Facebook app for Apple iPad, iPhone and all Android devices.

  1. Open the Facebook app on your device
  2. Make sure you select the “News Feed” option first if it not already opened up.
  3. On the right top tap on the button that says “All Stories”
  4. In the scroll down you can see your automatically and self created list and select the one you want. IF you don’t see them don’t worry because this is why I wrote this article and go to the next step.
  5. I guess you didn’t see your lists. Select “Status Updates” and let your screen refresh.
  6. Go back to the top right button and select “Status Updates”.
  7. Now in the scroll down you can see all your create list and the lists Facebook has created for you.
  8. Tap on the list of which you want to read the News Feed.
From now on on that App you will always have the selection of switching News Feed Lists.


Facebook app for Windows Phone

The Windows Phone allows you to create your own filtered groups by creating a group tile which is really the best way. I have described this in an earlier article. This will filter the facebook, linkedin and twitter posts from these people in this group.

The Windows Phone Facebook app takes a couple steps to see the specific news feed of on of your lists.

  1. Open the Facebook app on your Windows Phone
  2. Tap on “Friends” in the selections
  3. Tap on “Lists” on the top of your screen
  4. Select the List of your choice in the selections.
  5. Select “News Feed” on the Top of your screen.
Now you are able to just read the news feed of the people on that list.



On facebook in the browser it is possible to filter newsfeeds from applications like farmville. How can I make my facebook app on windows phone (and by extension: also the feeds I see in the ‘people’ tile on my HTC radar) respect these settings? Thanks

I don’t have a feature that says ‘all stories’ –
Just status, photo and check in -highly annoying