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If you are a frequent reader of  twitter, facebook and many technology sites you read that certain updates are available of your already downloaded app on your Windows Phone. However your Marketplace live tile is not showing any notifications of pending updates yet. Don’t worry there is a little trick to this so that you can download the update even before you get your notification.

These steps will explain nicely how you can force an update on a specific app on your Windows Phone when you know it is available.

    1. Go to the Marketplace on your Windows Phone.
    2. Search for the app that you know has an update available.
    3. Tap on this app to see its product page.
    4. You probably only get the option to “Share” this app at this moment.
    5. Hit the back Icon.
    6. Tap one more time on the app in that search result.
    7. Now you should get an “update” button right next to the “Share” button as well.
    8. Tap on the “Update button” and your are one step ahead of your Marketplace notification tile.
Let me know in the comments below if this worked for you.

Hi Johan,
Tested it here on a HTC 7Pro with the latest updates installed, and the trick doesn’t work. I only get Share, no Update, no matter how many times I try.

It is possible that the app update hasn’t been released on other language Marketplace

Noticed the same behavior today when I was waiting for the Whatsapp update. What I did as extra step is hit the Share button, and than when you can choose which account you use to share it, hit the back button. After that step the update button was there next to the Share button.

This tip sometimes works, Sometimes it doesn’t; But anyway that’s how I do it to when I quickly want to update the app..


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