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If you’ve ever lost your password to any given website, it can be extremely frustrating. I know I’ve had this happen to me many times. If you’re anyone like me, and think one password would suffice for everything, then this post is for you.

Many websites have certain criteria as far as passwords go, and you may be forced to use a different password then you are used to, or your usual username might have already been taken, and you may have to resort to a totally unfamiliar and hard to remember username. It’s a pain in the neck to remember all of these.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just have to remember one password. Well, now you can, and this one will truly be the last password you will ever have to remember.

A friend of mine recently introduced LastPass to me, and it is truly one of the best websites and browser add-ons you will ever use.

LastPass is basically an online vault for all of your log-in information for any given website. There are two ways you can store passwords:

  • Go to the LastPass website, and make a free account.
    • You will then be able to add, and remove websites manually from your vault on the website itself, and from any given computer, you will be able to click on any link there, and it will log you in with the log-in information you provided for that specific website entry
  • If you carry around a mobile computer with you, or like to use your mobile phone to access your password protected sites, then this might be the best method for you. LastPass is available for basically all platforms including the mobile OS’s. Check it out over here
    • You can install the browser plugin for LastPass, which is virtually compatible with any standard browser such as Chrome, Internet Explorer 9, Safari, and many more
    • Then, upon opening up your internet browser, you can click on the plugin widget, and then you will be prompted to sign in with your LastPass account
    • Once you log in, any website you type into your address bar that is in your LastPass vault, LastPass will auto-fill all of your log-in information for you!
      • You do, of course, have the option to only auto-fill username, password, auto-login, etc.
    • If you have a smartphone, then there is a mobile app which you can download
      • On most, if not all mobile platforms, you will have a 14 day trial of the app, and then, if you will want to continue using it on your smartphone, you will have to pay about $12.00 a year, which is about a dollar a month for this premium service

From experience, I prefer the browser plugin. I have found it really useful though, to just go to the online vault, and look-up my log-in information at school, or somewhere else where I might not have my personal computer. You can view all of your log-in information with mobile apps for Android, Windows Phone, and Apple’s  iOS, and you can use this as you would use the plugin on any given internet browser. For the mobile platforms I have seen over 3 updates for LastPass just this month, and the improvements are really paying off.

You may be asking yourself, what happens if I forget this password? If you forget your LastPass password, it is very easy to create a new one. On the main website, you can click, Forgot Your Password?, and they will send an email to you with a link to create a new password. It is literally that easy!! No more worries about lost, or forgotten passwords anymore. They are all stored in one of the most secure databases. Every profile is encrypted multiple times in unique ways, so all of the information you entrust with LastPass is extremely secure.

Use LastPass as your favorites or bookmarks, and access them from any other computer or mobile device! It makes syncing your bookmarks across multiple platforms really simple, and reliable. Never leave anywhere without your favorite bookmarks anymore.

If you have any questions, or would like to offer your own experiences with LastPass, please write in the comment section below.


LastPass works well but has had too many security issues over the last year, I ended up switching back to RoboForm as my password manager. They were the first on the market and still seem to be the most secure and user-friendly, still the only password manager to offer live phone support as well.

Hi Phill,

I don’t have any experience with RoboForm myself. There are some other reviews published on MobilityMinded:




Personally I’m using SBSH Safewallet now, because there is a Windows Phone 7 viewer now.

// Remo

For me….LastPass all over. Browser and Mobile devices

For me….LastPass all over. Browser and Mobile devices

Carmen Gates

HI all,

This blog is really very helpful. Password management software helps keep your personal information secure and help save you time storing and remembering passwords for tens, or even hundreds of websites. Thanks for this wonderful post and hoping to post more of this.