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I just stumbled upon the download for the Skydrive app for Windows. And I have to say it is pretty awesome. SkyDrive allows you now to upgrade your Manage Storage from 7 GB to 25 GB for free and for some small other fees you can add more if you need to. The desktop apps for Windows and mac allows you now to stay in sync similar to Live Mesh used to be and as Dropbox is now. However you have whopping 25GB free Cloud storage.

How did I find it ? It is actually listed under the apps for SkyDrive on your web interface of your http://skydrive.live.com. On the bottom of your most left column you will have two links:

  • Manage Storage (click here for the free 25 GB upgrade or add more GB for a small yearly fee)
  • Get SkyDrive Apps (click here to get the apps for Windows, Windows Phone, iPhone and Mac)
Go ahead and put your Dropbox folder in your SkyDrive.



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