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This week a slew of new portable devices have been emerging on the internet. With IFA on its way many manufacturers have come out of their shell with the Windows 8 devices. Especially after Microsoft announced their own Windows 8 hardware named the “Surface” which will be available as a RT device and as a full flesh PC with Windows 8.  Call them Surface, Laptop, Netbook, Ultrabook, Hybrids Slates or Tablets, but a new style of products with a supporting eco-system from Microsoft is on the move. And you should be ready to jump on this bandwagon.

Microsoft recent updates to its major operating system and software utilities creates a great cloud eco-system that will work on all platforms and operating systems on the Market these days. For example Skydrive apps are available on iOs, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 7 and on Windows 8. Major updates to Office 2010, Outlook and now Windows Phone 8 makes it very attractive to be in a secure environment that Microsoft is giving you in the cloud.

Next week Nokia with Microsoft will announce their first Windows 8 Devices. Samsung already showed during IFA their new Windows Phone 8 device the ATIV S. HTC will announce soon their new devices as well.

But back to the new “what ever we are going to call the next line” devices. My favorite combination would be the size of a 10″ touch screen with a removable keyboard with the thickness of the Ultra book today. With an add on companion that is the size of a 7″ screen.

Lets take a look what we know now. Mostly 10-12 inch screen models (By the time you read this I bet you that there will other versions as well). More details will be when you click through


Surface RT


Microsoft Surface


Vivo Tab

Asus Vivo Tab



Acer Aspire S7

Acer Aspire S7


Dell XPS Duo 12

Dell XPS Duo 12


Envy x2

HP Envy 2x




Samsung ATIV Tab



Samsung ATIV Smart PC


ATIV Smart PC Pro

ATIV Smart PC Pro



Sony VAIO Duo 11

Sony Vaio Duo 11


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