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swedish_flag_sweden Many of you travel a lot and most of the time you should be able to connect through a Hotspot or Wifi network to read your email, surf the web or catch up with Twitter. Recently, when traveling to Sweden, I already found out that there was no Hotspot or Wifi service at the park we were staying. As I have a Dutch carrier, roaming costs were quite high if I used it in Sweden. The average price is around 10 Euros per Megabyte. With these prices you have to be very careful what you do, otherwise you are not happy when you receive your monthly bill…

So I had to find an alternative and after some research I found out that Telia has a very good mobile data service for a very fair price.
For my situation it should be ideal: I can use the simcard in my phone(s) or in my notebook and I can use it anywhere in Sweden !

It is called Telia Mobilt bredband Veckosurf and it allows you to surf the web for one week for 10 Euros. There is a datalimit of 2 GB per week, so it is perfect for checking mail, surfing the web and even download a small movie or upload your holiday pictures to the cloud.

If you happen to go to Sweden and need mobile data, you need to do this:

1. Buy a Telia Refill Prepaid card for 100 KR (10 euros)
2. Register it here: LINK (you need someone from Sweden with a Swedish social security number for this). Also enter the phone number of the prepaid card and the ICC number. Sometimes this website is down. Just call 90200 to have the card activated by a representative.
3. Buy the desired prepaid amount you would like to load to the card. 10 euro is enough for one week.
4. When you have the code press *125*prepaidcode# on your handset.
5. You receive a textmessage from 3182 which welcomes you to the Telia network and if you need more info on the prices you can dial 454.
6. Now send a text message to 4466 with the word ON in it.
7. After a short while you receive a text message from 4466 that the internet service Telia Online is now activated and can be used. I received another text message from 4466 right after the first one that my phone was not supported, but I had no problems at all connecting to the internet with my G1.
8. Configure your phone or laptop with the APN: online.telia.se without a username or password.
9. You can surf the web now !


Coverage of the Telia network is very good. On my way to the airport I did a mobile speedtest and the downloadspeed was 1.1 Mbit.
You can find a coveragemap here: LINK


Beste Mark,

Ik heb je stukje met belangstelling gelezenn over mobiel internet in Zweden.
(zie link)http://www.mobilityminded.com/1437/mobile-broadband-sweden-telia-online

Ik zag een dergelijk product sinds kort bij de ICA supermarkt.(zie link)

Kan ik als buitenlander van dit pakket gebruik maken ?
En hoe betaal ik b.v voor een maand internet als ik geen kredit Card houder ben.
Met andere woorden als ik een maand wil internetten en 5 Gig nodig heb hoe krijg ik dit vooer elkaar ?

Ik heb een modem nodig maar ik zag dat een usb stick bij dit pakket wordt geleverd.

Als je een suggestie heb hoor ik het graag van je.
Groetjes Hans
Misschien heb je wat aanvullnde info voor mij.

Dear Hans,

The leading language on the website is English. No problem for now, but it's difficult to read for the international non-dutch-speaking audience. Mark will have a look at your comment !

Having purchased a kontantkort in Filipstad, we’ve had tremendous problems getting a connection (only 15 km up North from Filipstad). It showed a big sang when using my wife’s person number (used on many tax forms in Sweden) no result at all for registration. Tried to contact Telia and the local sales man in Filipstad to register the card, but all was in vain. Faking a persons number year/month/day is different from the official person number – what kind of clever Swede at Telia invented a different format. Luckily I’ve got two more months to sort it out. All in all I’m not happy with the new dongle which allowed a week of free surf, but due to the persons number I’ve been able to use it 24 hours only. Telia should reconsider to translate its site in English too and have a better access to direct contact with a helpdesk, the current setup turned me into an unsatisfied customer.

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