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Yesterday HTC announced together with Microsoft their new HTC Signature Windows Phone devices. Part of the announcement was that Microsoft and HTC have a special relationship and made this even more evident. The new HTC 8X and HTC 8S are actually not named the way most of us are referring to these devices.

The tighter relationship  between HTC and Microsft allowes HTC to call their devices as HTC Signature Windows Phone units. This created yesterday some negative feedback by Nokia who is in a close relationship with Microsoft as well. Basically calling it a quick re brand.

I noticed today that on the HTC websites worldwide the naming of devices were different as I assumed they were going to be.Very unnoticeable to us who are very familiar with the OEM and refer easy to device as “Brand – Model”.  However the naming of the new HTC devices are by ” Operating System-Model by Brand”.  This clearly indicates that HTC is taking Windows Phone very seriously for the success of their company. Going to start with two models worldwide for over 150 carriers states this as well.

Taking a good look at the HTC websites we have to start naming the devices as consumers will see them advertised and on the shelves as well. From now on we should name these dives from HTC as follows:

  • Windows Phone 8X by HTC instead of HTC 8X


  • Windows Phone 8S by HTC instead of HTC 8S

These official names starting with Windows Phone is probably just the tip of the iceberg of arrangements within their special partnership.

Image from HTC worldwide site


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