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In the recent weeks after the iOS 6 upgrade I have been noticing a faster drain of the battery on my Apple iPad 2 and on my test device  iPhone 4.  However today I got an email which was work related that put me to an internet search to see if this was an issue with other consumers as well. Guess what, In my opinion Apple just wants you to buy in to their new iPhone 5 and it’s Lightning connector.

After reading the comments on many sites including the Apple support site, Apple is in my opinion not having any sustainable policies in place and just want their customers to ditch their still good devices by given consumers some bait with a new firmware upgrade and making their devices slower and reducing the battery standby time.  With the Apple marketing be so successful they will just sell all these consumers their new iPhone 5. Because the iOS 6 will work perfectly with the new iPhone 5 and the New iPad.

O yeah, if you buy the new iPhone 5 you can also ditch all your charging cables, radio docks, car stereo’s….basically anything that uses a 30 pin connector. Yes they do sell a 30 pin to 8 pin lightning adapter but that won’t really work with the docking products. And not forgetting to mention that the 30 to 8 pin adapter won’t pass-through all the functionality of the iPhone 5 to your already owned accessory mentioned above. In which you will buy something in the hopes it will work, but you end up being disappointed and become desperate to get the new thing.

This is not the first time Apple has done this to iPhone users. When the IOS 4.2 came out many third-party accessories stopped recognizing the iPhone’s then as well.

It might be time to look at something that uses the more widely adopted Micro-usb charging ports by Windows Phone, Android, BlackBerry and many other electronic accessories. Even the EU made this a standard for manufacturers to reduce the cable waste in the world. They might go after Apple for not listening to them and by creating this huge amount of electronic waste (Cables, Phones, Docks, etc) with the launch of the iPhone 5.

I know the new products are good and working amazingly great, but don’t have your customers upgrade their current devices with a new iOS to give them a taste of what is new and in turn reduce the quality of their current devices to make them buy the latest and greatest of their own product. I know it is marketing and it is a business, but we need to be a little bit more sustainable these days. Especially with the world economy they way it is. Hey!!,  at least give existing customers an easy way back to the old iOS firmware and keep them happy until they are ready to buy your next newest, greatest and latest device.

Some of the resources that brought me to this conclusion and opinion:





The iPod Touch (4th generation) also has crazy bugs with iOS6. App Store crashes even: http://youtu.be/vNOdV9zTmdk

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