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If  you have any updates today on your Windows Phone you might get a screen first to accept new Terms of  Use. However a little check box has been added that reads “Personalize my music”.  It looks like that these littleu pdates will let us know more about the new features coming to the Microsft eco-system before the Windows Phone  and Windows 8 launch.

When you go to the marketplace today to update some pending application you will be surprised with a screen to accept the set up of a personalize my music account. It looks like that this might be the terms of use for a service in which Zune automatically collects data of  the music you will play on your Windows Phone, Xbox Music and Zune and will suggest music for you based on your listening habits.

As you can read in the screenshot below you have the option to “personalize my Music” with the description:

Send us your music playing and rating data to tailor the Zune experience to your interest”

I am personally very exited about this since it will be easier for me to sample new artist and songs based on my type of music.

Did you get the screen below already on your Windows Phone?


I did not get this screen on my phone but I did on my xBox. I think if you answer it at one of the devices it covers them all. Also have had numbers appear on market place the past couple of days indicating pending updates but when I enter marketplace, nothing is there and when I go back to the main tile the numbers are gone. Also today it said I had 4 updates and when I checked marketplace again, there were only two. I wonder if these “ghost” updates were part of this new service.

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