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Windows Phone 8 is the most thoroughly tested mobile platform Microsoft has ever released. The result is a highly responsive, fast and very stable and robust operating system for smartphones. I haven’t applied a single hard reset in the past months, despite I’m heavily using the Windows Phone 7 devices like the HTC Titan and Titan II to digg into the various features of Windows Phone 7 and put those to the test.

If you run into the rare situation that you need to perform a hard reset to your Windows Phone 8 device, you can apply the following step-by-step guide:

  • Start (menu) Button;
  • Choose Settings from the program list;
  • Make sure the system settings are selected in the panorama (and not the application settings);
  • Scroll down to about (which is shown in the left screenshot above);
  • Click on the reset your phone button to hard reset your Windows Phone 7 device;


Resetting your phone will erase all your personal content, including apps that you purchased and downloaded, and will restore the factory settings. Do you want to continue ?”

  • Confirm and tap on the yes button.

How to “soft reset” Windows Phone 8?

There is no soft reset function or -button in Windows Phone 8 like long-time Windows Mobile users know from the Windows Mobile 6.0 and 6.1 timeframe. Remark the review of Reboot! – A softreset Windows Phone app from Quantum Concepts.

  • Press and hold the power button to switch off your Windows Phone 8 device;
  • Press and hold the power button to switch on your Windows Phone 8 device;

The described on/off cycling results in the same soft reset behavior of -for example- Windows Mobile 6.5.3, however Windows Phone 8 is rock solid and stable that you probably won’t need both of the reset methods. 🙂



One single mistake on your post, my dear.

I have an WP8 phone, it stucks 1 time, and I had to discover how to soft reset it.

Yes, there is soft reset. Hold POWER + VOLUME UP + VOLUME DOWN, for 10 seconds, and it will force a reboot.

Hope it help other people. I was almost crazy when I found this…tought I had lost my device. It solved the problem.

Best regards,

Claudio Brito
(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

I just did this, for the second time since i have the device.

Thank you my volume down button wasn’t working and i began to freak search everything i possibly could to fix it. And then i found out how to “soft reset” my phone and it practicaly saved my life 🙂

My screen was just blank even though the bottom buttons were lighting up. This saved me. Thanks!