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Did you just get a brand new Windows Phone 8X by HTC?  Do you already scratches on the screen? Well we have !! I guess the Gorilla Glass 2 is not really that scratch resistant. However the Corning Gorilla Glass on the Nokia Lumia 920 is not showing anything like we see on the Windows Phone 8X by HTC. It is very hard to notice, but the scratches are there!

I haven’t seen this in a while on especially on any of my devices with the Gorilla Glass technology, but this is really noticeable.  It might be that the quality of the Windows Phone 8X by HTC screen is not the same as we are used to and is causing these scratching  as we show in the pictures below. We all put our phones down and many of us put the phone down with the screen on the table so we won’t have any distractions during meetings. We also put our phones in our pockets and there is always some lingering debris in those pockets or pocket books. Well it looks like that the screen of the  8X by HTC is taking a slight beating by this. I have used the HTC  Titan and Titan II over the last year course and don’t even have anything like this at all on my screens. It just doesn’t sit and feel right to me. Especially with the phone being less then a week old. So is the Thinner Gorilla Glass 2 less scratch resistant?

Any of you have hair-line scratches on your new Windows Phone 8X by HTC?

Take a look at the pictures below and let us know if you see the same thing? If so Get a screen protector and a case with beveled edge on the front.

I have just too many questions as to why this is happening.

Click on Image for larger details


Click on Image for larger details


It also seems that I am not alone. Tom Warren from the Verge has the same experience as well. I have reached out to HTC for a comment and I hope to hear from them soon about this quality issue.


Update: HTC Global has contacted me and they are looking seriously into this problem. I really like the HTC products over the years and never had any issues like this at all. Hopefully it is a production run problem with a small batch and I just got one of the bad ones.


No idea why that’s happened to yours but I’m looking at mine now. I’ve owned it since the 2nd of November in the UK. I keep my phone in my front right pocket on my jeans with nothing else in the pocket. I let my 4 year old run off and play with it. I find it lying face down on the floor and all sorts. Not a single scratch or mark on the glass. Nothing. It’s perfect.

Different batch of glass? Something you’re doing differently? No idea but I do not have that problem at all.

The same thing happened to me I bought the phone on Wednesday and the ver next day the screen was scratched. I put it face down on a table and when I picked it up it was all scratched up. One is deep enough for me to feel it when I scroll up and down. I love the phone and I have been researching it since it was announced in September. Please if there is anything that can be done I would really appreciate it.

Seeing the same thing here. I’ve had the tmobile htc 8x since last wednesday and there are already a number of large scratches in the screen.

I’d be curious what carrier others seeing this problem are on? is this confined to the tmobile version?

I have the T- mobile version of the phone as well and I also bought mine on we

I’ve came to a conclusion that it’s the Gorilla Glass 2. Also these screens are getting big and thinner. My Samsung Galaxy S3 has it and I have scratches with a screen cover.

Same problem. I’m wondering if folks all have the blue T-Mobile style phone or if there are some black Verizon ones out there as well having the same issue. My co-worker has a Verizon one without a screen protector and he has no issues. Wondering if it is specific to this run. Also please call HTC either directly or by having you carrier connect you. Ask for the windows 8 phone team. I have been talking with them and they have really easy to reach and been really receptive to feedback. The more of us that call with this problem, the more likely it will be escalated and fixed.

I agree the more of us that report the problem the better our chances at getting the problem fixed. Yet at the same time the longer we wait the worse our chances get so we all need to quickly address the situation.

Call HTC. Ask for the windows 8 escalation team. Tell them your problem. Refer to this page and these posts. Hopefully now they will have options for you. As for my phone I turned it over to HTC directly for testing. I got another 8x and have had no problems whatsoever. I think it is a bad batch of glass – I imagine HTC has confirmed this by now or will do so soon. Your carrier may not be of any help here – I suggest you go to HTC directly.

I think this is user related. Don’t put your phone somewhere where it can get scratched. Simple. It depends on the user. This is like the people complaining that the 920 “is so heavy” compared to the 8x. Really? Its a phone. Lol. Take care of it.

The issue is that the screens are scratching particularly easy which is uncommon for a Gorilla Glass protected product. In my case the screen was scratched by some small specks of debris on a table that I didn’t notice. In my opinion placing a phone on a table screen down doesn’t seem like neglect; especially when the phone features a “flip to silence” function. Many of us are also noticing scratching after just placing the phones in our pockets. I am positive the glass should not be this. Just understand that we paid for a product that was advertised to have a Gorilla Glass 2 protected screen, and we simply want to make sure that’s what we revived.

I have the same issue.
I always put the phone in my pocket without anything else but i still have some scratches on it…. I bought it in France. this issue is known on the GS3 gorilla glass 2..

My girlfriend has had hers less than 2 weeks, and pampers it like a baby. I’ve never seen a phone get that many scratches. Even after years of abuse. We took it to Verizon to exchange it and they basically told us they couldn’t do anything because it “shows signs of damage”. No kidding! Thats the issue. Its been in a padded pocket of a purse and taken good care of, this should not be happening.

Mine got scratched to hell too. Blue, T-Mobile

I am having the same issue. This is just not good enough for a flagship device!

I owned the HTC Radar, a Windows Phone device on T-mobile, for over 3 months. Needless to say, I ABUSED that thing! My plan had always been to purchase the 8x, so quality control was never an major concern. After countless drops, bangs, tussles, etc, I never was able to scratch the screen, nor produce any physical defects on the device.

Fast forward to the second (repeat, SECOND) day of owning my 8x, blue version with T-mobile. After less than 48 hours of ownership, I already had dozens of tiny, almost imperceptible scratches, only view-able in direct light. Then, on my third (again, THIRD) day of ownership, for reasons I know not, I then managed to produce an edge-to-edge crack along the bottom of the phone. WHAT?!?!?!

In summary: cheap device (Radar) vs. premium device (8x), and the Radar won. huh…

HTC has made low quality products since WM6

mine just got a crack on the top right… Very frustrating.

Has anyone else had their screen crack without dropping it. I got up for 5 minutes came back to my phone on the couch and bam a crack going from one side of the screen to the other.

It would be nice if there was a notification of some sorts for new email, messaging, etc.


Mine too…just after 2 weeks.BTW the carrier is Voda AU.Will contact HTC soon.Thanks for the info Johan :).

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