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The room functionality on Windows Phone 8 is a great functionality if it works. However since the launch of Windows Phone 8 many people could not get this functionality to work. Thank to the Microsoft Community forums there is a temporary fix now that I will describe in this article.  I wasn’t able to get any of my family members to join my room. But I was able to join other rooms. Well we now know where the Hick-up is.

The fix is actually very easy but takes some steps in your People Hub. The fix needs to be applied on the phone that is the host phone of the room that is created. Before you invite someone to your room make sure their contact information isn’t linked with their contact information from your other email accounts or Facebook account. Once you have them un-linked use the contact information from one of your email accounts. Now when you send the invite to join the room the person will be able to join your room with no problems. Somehow if you select the contact information from Facebook (which contain cell phone numbers as well) it still won’t work.

Once you see the invited people in your room you can safely link their contact information back together. Let’s start putting sharing !


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