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Boston Power is at it again. The 4 year old company located in Westborough, Mass is scheduled to hold a press conference this Monday June 1st, 2009 in Auburn, MA where it proposes to build a factory to make lithium-ion batteries for laptops and electric cars.

We have been covering Boston Power since we met them at CntrStg during CES 2009 about their great Sonata battery that came to the market at with the Enviro batteries for the major consumer HP notebooks.

Going green is their their vision is durable and  longer lasting batteries that maintain their capacity. In line with their green vision they don’t want to waist any of the federal grant money on a new building, but will plan to convert and old Filene’s Basement warehouse into a 600 employee factory.

The move to add the automobile industry for their battery technology is major step for Boston Power. The battery developed for the automobile industry will be called Swing.



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I wish someone would come out with low cost low weight battery technology that could power bicycles. The bicycle is the most efficient form of transportation and aside from enthusiasts entirely overlooked as a viable low cost form of electric transportation with a built in range bonus. When they battery dies you can still pedal!