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I have heard and read many times about the Sonos speaker system. But I wasn’t really familiar with it. After contacting the pr agency for Sonos and seeing them at a Pepcom event in NY City I was given the opportunity to test the Sonos Bridge and the Play:3. And after some small start up issues I am now pretty “Wowed” by Sonos. Why? Let me tell you.

If you don’t Sonos yet you might want to know a little bit more about their system. The system is a Wireless HiFi system using your internet and network sources of music and radio. For example the music on your hardrives, and in the cloud like  Amazon Cloud. In regards to radio or other streaming music sources you have access to SiriusXM, Last.fm, Rdio, Spoitfy, Slacker, TuneIn and much more.

When you set up you need to install a Sonos controller first. I, being on Windows 8,  encountered my first problem. The Sonos controller software installed with no issue but I wasn’t able to connect the Sonos bridge or Play:3.  The Sonos controller was able to recognize them on the network but the controller on my desktop failed.  Not knowing what to do I dusted off my iPad Mini and installed the Sonos app from the app store. Voila, instantly I was connected and was able to make sound come out the Play:3. And what an amazing sound it was. The Bridge has a pass-through network adapter which allows you to connect directly to your router without using an extra port on your router. Just put in between any of your devices already connected to your router. The Bridge will control the Sonos speakers that are wireless connected (Called SonosNet) and controls all your account settings for your services. I shared my music folder on my Windows 8 computer and added this folder to the Sonos Bridge using the iPad Mini app. So no controller on my Windows 8 computer, but I have access to all my music located on my Windows 8 computer.

You can add easily other Sonos speakers to this bridge and manage which speakers are turned on and with which sound settings they are being used.

Sonos speakers

After downloading the Phonos app for Windows Phone 8 on mine and my wifes Nokia Lumia 920, we now both have access to control our Sonos Hifi system with ease. My wife, not being a fan of MP3 music in general, was blown away with the sound quality coming out of the Sonos Play:3. The current controllers allows you to manage your subscriptions, account details, favorites and playlists of all your sources.

I have to say that I was skeptical in reviewing the Sonos system. But even after just having it one day, the flexibility of playing anything you want locally or worldwide in any room of your house has sold me this system. It’s a little pricey, but the quality and flexibility makes definitely up for that.  If you still want a system for the holidays you can. Hurry up today for free overnight shipping and a free bridge ($49) with a gift pack when you purchase the Play:3 or Play:5.  This review sample is really one of these products I really don’t like sending back at all to the pr agency.

The only negative thing right now… Sonos need a working desktop client for Windows 8 and an official app for Windows 8, RT and Windows Phone. The Sonos controllers are available for free for Windows xp,7, Android, iPhone, iPad.

Check out the Sonos website if you want to know more about the Sonos HiFi system






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