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Update Windows Phone150

As reported by many sites the Windows Phone update for the Nokia Lumia 920 , 820 and Windows Phone 8X by HTC will be released today. However there is no guarantee this is for everyone The word is that T-Mobile and AT&T are letting Microsoft pull the trigger for their users. Let me explain how this process will work for you.

There are going to be two different ways you can get the update once the trigger has been pulled at Microsoft in combination with their partners. We know from other sites that T-Mobile USA and AT&T are the ones that are lined up. In regards to other providers and regions there is no official words.

The two possibilities to get the update are.

1. You will get notified with a message on your phone that an update is available. However at that moment Update Windows Phone150the update is already downloaded on your phone and is ready for installation. This message will only pop up if you were using the phone enough in WiFi connected situation (update only downloads over WiFi), since that the update will fix the Wifi connectivity issue while the phone is in standby mode. Make sure that you have the check boxes checked in the Phone Update menu under settings.

2. You can force the Update by physically go to “Check for Updates”  In the Phone Update menu under settings. make sure to be connected over WiFi to be able to download the update.

Once the update is released I wouldn’t be surprised that most of the update details are outlined on the official Windows Phone Blog.

Update: The update history for Windows Phone 8 has been posted to



Rolling out now for Lumia 920 via AT&T

How about unbranded / unlocked Lumia 820 / 920?

Fred Beiderbecke

I am in the same boat, unlocked 920 on T-Mobile.

Be carefull with your advise for users outside of the US. Apparently you can brick your phone with this update, as happened to tweakers.net See: http://tweakers.net/reviews/2874/opnieuw-bekeken-nokia-lumia-920-camera-bij-daglicht.html