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Lg optimus G 150

In the last couple of weeks I have been using the LG Optimus G on the AT&T network. Most of you know I have a Windows Phone as my main device since all the Android devices won’t give me a “Wow” factor anymore. Ok the Samsung Galaxy S III still has some wow to it. But the design, performance and added functionality in the LG Optimus G is making this a Flagship device for me on the Android platform.

LG Optimus G

The technical specifications are on upper side compared to other android devices, but the user experience is what really sets this device apart from its competitors. I will explain a little bit more about what I mean by that. You can find the technical details here on the LG site. As truth to be told the LG Optimus G  would currently really be my Android device of choice. The user experience, as mentioned earlier, is what really makes this device a pleasure to use. When you unlocking the animated default lock screen on an amazing True HD IPS Plus Display it will give you a taste of what is to come in graphic capabilities that this device has. Once you are on the start screen you can swipe to either side, like with any android device, to get to another screen, however the Rolodex animation to change screens is again a testament that LG wants to give you a great experience. The sleek design gives it a very comfortable feel in my hands. The looks and feel reminds me of the Bang & Olufsen design and quality.

Another awesome feature is the indication light surrounding your power button which will be red when your phone is charging and green when it is done charging. However this light only goes on while your screen is turned off.

LG power button


The best feature of the LG Optimus G is the quick memo function that is accessible directly from the quick notification access drop down that all android devices have. This quick memo allows you to instantly take notes on top or on the side of your current screen shot and save it. It also allows you to toggle back to the screen it self and the note just in case you forgot something and need to scroll to look for that extra information. Quick memo will allow you to share directly to all apps installed on your LG Optimus that will allow sharing. Really this is one of the best integrated note taking apps I have ever seen.

Below are some screenshots taken with another mobile phone.



Like I said before. If you are an android fan and you really want a newer experience you should get the LG Optimus G. Currently the LG Optimus G is available for $99.99 with a 2 year contract at AT&T.



u r so right. The Optimus G is a fantastic phone, hardware is great but LG’s software is really what seals the deal. Wish more ppl knew it : ) BTC.

The nexus 4 is a better phone which is more likely to be supported with upgrades over time.

The lack of an SD card slot is why this phone would never be my Android device of choice. I do not regret choosing Samsung’s Note 2 over this one.

The AT&T model, which he used, and i own, does have an SD card slot…

Good point. Being forced to use AT&T as my provider to have an SD card slot is why this phone would never be my Android device of choice! Seriously, any corporation which forces you to sign away your rights to a class action lawsuit in your very first contract is the epitome of evil. Not only that, but doesn’t AT&T disable the sideloading of apps on their stock roms? I’d hate to be forced into rooting just to install apps not available on the market…


Booo hooo lg is da shiz stop hatin

dude your an idiot. And technology moves ahead and you gotta stay with it or go complain in the corner. This is why the US is so far behind cuz of ppl like you who wont change. Cloud storage is where its going and I like it over SD card. If you lose your phone your SD card is gone.

If you have your data on your phone as well in the cloud, you’ve got a backup, and you’re also able to access it when you don’t have Internet for whatever reason.

Having an additional 64 GB of storage on my phone for media and apps is a good thing.

You act like I don’t have a 50 GB Dropbox account or something…

They don’t stop you from side loading apps, nor am I under contract…. Soooooo, that argument is invalid…lol

I lost faith in LG since they kinda stay behined Apple and Samsung for quite a while and this new model is nothing that could compare with the Giants in the class, I would go with something simplier but worthy like the Huawei Ascend D2, cost much less and more efficiant –