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I really do love my Surface Pro and RT. But it has one small limitation. The build in kick stand can only be opened in one fixed position. The Surface Pro kick stand angle is already slightly adjusted compared to the Surface RT but again it is one position only. However I just got an accessory added to My Surface set up that just gives me a great extra flexibility in my viewing angle in two different ways.

When I picked my Surface Pro last week a day after the release day (Blizzard Nemo 2103 conditions kept me at home) I also picked up the Microsoft Wedge Touch  Bluetooth Mouse (Surface edition). This great small mouse works in almost any conditions and on almost all surfaces. Using this mouse while my Surface Pro was connected using the mini display port to my HD TV was an ease. I could comfortable sit or lay on my couch and the mouse would work on everything around me in every angle. But……when I was done steaming my video and I wanted to browse to a website that wasn’t in my favorites I needed to get up to my cable connected Surface Pro to type in this website. When I looked around for a spare Bluetooth keyboard I remembered that there was a Microsoft Wedge Bluetooth keyboard that would compliment the Wedge Mouse.Wedgekeyboard

Looking around for this Microsoft Wedge Bluetooth keyboard I came to find out that the cover for this keyboard would not only automatically turn off the Bluetooth while covering the keyboard but also could be used as a tablet stand. Not only that but the cover is that strong you can use it in different angles. And the best thing it is a Windows 8 compatible keyboard with the same keyboard layout as the Surface type and touch cover. Those Charm keys are there for quick access.

I just got this keyboard in today and started playing with it and I have to say money well spend. The Touch and Type cover are great but the Microsoft Wedge Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard gives me all the flexibility I need as I have with my desktop computer. Angle, distance, wireless mouse, detached wireless keyboard. Just perfect to use at home while your Surface is connected to the TV or on longer road trips where you want this added flexibility in your set up.

Below are some pictures how it looks like. You can get the Microsoft Wedge  Bluetooth Keyboard for $79.95 in the Microsoft Store but I was able to get it for $48.94 on Amazon. The Microsoft Wedge Bluetooth Mouse (regular and Surface edition) are $69.95 in the Microsoft Store and $52.41 on Amazon. Of course I still use my Type cover as….well a cover and a type cover for smaller road trips.






great tip! might get one of those as well

How is the scrolling with the Wedge Mouse? I’m a developer and I’m wondering if the mouse can be a good choice.

Thank you

The Wedge mouse will be automatically detected and a MS software to manage it will be installed.You can change the directions and sensitivity.

Hmm… I see the photos on B&H, but I still wonder how does the cover prop up the Surface Pro on the back without sliding up (and away) or down when table shakes?

There is a little lip holding the surface on the bottom (see image). The cover is made of a soft touch rubber which won’t slide. (It attracts easy dust particles though)

Great idea! Works like a “charm”.

Thank you. This information completes my purchase decision for the Surface Pro

Does bluetooth works 2 connection simultaneously? I thought if both keyboard and mouse are bluetooth then I may not use both at the same time as only one bluetooth connection can be live at a time (between PC and devices). But this thread seems to be different. Both keyboard and mouse seems to be bluetooth and still they work together with surface.. Is that so?