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Windows 8 has a great on screen keyboard but definitely can slow you down. The company Cootek from TouchPal already has a swiping predictive keyboard for the iPhone and Android phones. But Today they launched the first Windows 8 Predictive Slide Keyboard. If you are a previous Swipe user, you kind of know already what this keyboard will do for you.

I have been using the beta version for awhile and just installed the final version and you are going to love it.

In their press release they explain it nicely:

TouchPal Keyboard runs on Windows 8 touchscreen tablets and any x86 based Windows 8 computer.

Typing on a Windows 8 touchscreen device can be challenging and TouchPal Keyboard solves this issue by making it easier for people to use their devices at home or in the workplace. As only cross-platform keyboard app and the default keyboard on devices by leading manufacturers including HTC and Sony, TouchPal Keyboard allows businesses that allow their employees to bring their own devices to work to benefit from higher productivity across the board.

“As Windows 8 machines continue to be adopted by businesses and consumers, we knew that they would need a custom keyboard to make typing easier and faster than ever,” said Michael Wong, CEO of CooTek. “Our Android and iOS versions have significantly improved the mobile experience for users, and we are excited to extend its benefits to Windows 8 device owners.”


Here is a short video demo:

For more information you can go to the Touchpal website and get this great keyboard on your Windows 8 Surface Pro or other Windows 8 Touch enabled devices.



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