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One of the biggest issues on Windows Phone 8 has been that many users haven’t been able to play certain wav audio files which are their home or office voice mails attached to an email. The issue is that that there are different type of wav files and somehow the codecs of older wav files didn’t make it in the chip sets on Windows Phone 8. I will give you two great solutions. One of them requires help from others and can be difficult, but the other solution is easy and you can set it up in a few minutes.

Self Fix for Unsupported Wav Files

There are some solutions, one of them requires your IT department or phone provider to change the wav format to a newer wav format. But of course this requires them to cooperate with you. Sometimes it works. It worked for me, but with my cable provider Comcast / Xfinity you won’t get that lucky. But now I have found a great free solution in PhoneConvert.

PhoneConvert let’s you easily forward an email with the unsupported wav file to your “username”@phoneconvert.com and/or “username”@iphoneconvert.com address and within 2-3 minutes or faster you will get an email back with a supported mp4 file of your voice mail which will work on your Windows Phone 8. This service is free and the service will allows you to manage these files online,  but these files will be automatically deleted after 10 days. In your online account settings you can add multiple email addresses to have your converted email send back to. You can also add keywords to your return email subject in case you want to filter these incoming converted mails in your email account.

Go ahead and sign up for this great service at Phoneconvert.com and have the best and easiest solution to the problem of unsupported wav files on Windows Phone 8.


IT Fix for Unsupported Wav Files

If you want a more permanent solution you need to contact your IT department ot your service provider to make system change in their online voice mail service. Like I said before,  I had it done and it works fine, but it might be a battle with your cable provider you can’t win.

Your IT department has to change the following settings in their PBX system:

Original recording format = PCM MU-LAW (G.711)

New recording format = Linear PCM

Once they have changed this format in their system,  all your incoming voice mail by email on your Windows Phone 8 will be supported.

phoneconvert for unsupported wav files


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