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Normally I use SOTI Pocket Controller Pro if I need to take a bunch of screenshots for a review. But sometimes you need to take a screenshot on the go of your Windows Phone, without connecting it to your notebook or desktop. Iliumsoft Screen Capture is the perfect application to suite these needs.


On the Iliumsoft Blog an update of this freeware application was announced 2 days ago. Iliumsoft also know from the applications eWallet, ListPro and Newsbreak provided some additional information about the improvements of Ilium Screen Capture.

“The main goal was to bring the UI up to date with the latest version of the Windows Mobile OS. We also made a few tweaks to fix a couple bugs we found, and we gave it a new icon (woo hoo!) Yes, I know the MS Paint style icon we had before was super retro cool, but we figured it was time.” [ref01]

“We first built it as an internal utility back in the days when there weren’t any screen capture apps. After sending it to a couple folks for support purposes (”Can you do a screen capture of that error message?”) we found that people liked it. We decided we’d share it.”  [ref01]

First I think it is awesome that Iliumsoft, a developer for the Windows Mobile platform from the first hour, also provides updates for their freeware applications. Another useful freeware application from Iliumsoft is “Tipster”, so give it a try as well !

You can download the updated Iliumsoft Screen Capture application for Windows Mobile Professional, Classic and Standard! Let us know what you think about this useful freeware tool!