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In this short update I want to share some additional information on the article: “Windows Marketplace for Mobile coming to Windows Mobile 6.1 and 6.0”. The screenshots show that the Windows Marketplace for Mobile has other cool features in addition to the “business center”. And additional information about the payment mechanism will be provided.

In the related article I was highly impressed with the wide variety of sub-categories in the so called business center, but the majority of applications in the Windows Marketplace for Mobile will be for the consumer market.

“However Microsoft has a very large number of partners that offer solutions for the business market. The variety of subcategories within the Business Center is a reflection of the breadth of business applications that already exist for Windows Mobile.”

In the video Todd Brix -Senior Director for Mobile Platform Services Product Management at Microsoft- explains that the “premium” applications in the business center have the advatage that marketing and field services of Microsoft will be “leveraged” to expose these applications to the market.

marketplace_showcase_240pxIn the screenshot some nice additional features can be seen.  Todd Brix explains that one of the challenges in the design is minimizing the complexity of the Marketplace for Mobile.

Therefore we can see a very minimalistic and simple concept, which is intuitive and easy to understand.  On top a search-box can be seen, probably based on Bing for Windows Mobile, to make the Marketplace for Mobile easily searchable.

The “most popular” and “what’s new” give additional information about the recent additions to the Marketplace for Mobile and the ratings are a measure of “quality” of the application.

Furthermore you can see “operator store”. This means that operator-specific applications can also be offered to the end-users in the some store environment of the Windows Marketplace for Mobile. Furthermore this is also related to the payment mechanism.

“My applications” provides you an overview of the applications you purchased, and which can be downloaded directly over the air onto your Windows Phone to be installed.

In my conclusions in the article “Windows Marketplace for Mobile coming to Windows Mobile 6.1 and 6.0”, I still had some questionmarks on the payment mechnism that Microsoft would choose for the direct purchases on the device.

Although here in the Netherlands we don’t have an Xbox Live- or Zune Marketplace, I still do remember the mechanism from iPAQ Choice. There you can buy credits in advance and purchase to applications with these credits. Personally I think Microsoft has a well thought-out solution for the payment-transactions.

“Users will be able to pay via creditcard and directly with their phone bill (with participating mobile operators). In the case of credit cards payments, we use the credit card stored in the user’s Windows Live ID profile. The application purchases are directly charged on the user’s card. This will be the same credit card used for other Microsoft services, such as Xbox Live, Zune Marketplace, etc.”

First I like the idea that there are more than one payment options. Second it’s very convenient that you can purchase in different Marketplaces with one Windows Live ID profile!!

Now that we are talking about the dollars I want to finalize this update that the developer will get 70% of the revenue of the application, according to Todd Brix in the channel9 video. I think this probably a reasonable distribution for the exposure to over 30 milion Windows Phones, but I doubt if this 70-30  rule is also applicable on the premium business center applications.