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Nokia Pro Cam 150

I have my Nokia Lumia 1020 now for about half a day and I love the Nokia Pro Cam app. However using the camera button to instantly wake up the camera app is not really working as it supposed to be.

By default the Nokia Pro Cam app is the default lens on your Nokia Lumia 1020 camera app. It launches fine each time with the camera button when your phones screen is turned off. However there is one instance it won’t wake up right away as it supposed to do like with the default Windows Phone 8 camera app.Nokia Pro Cam

When you use a pin to unlock your phone the normal behavior should be to take instance picture and your are only able to browse those pictures just taken during that session. However if you use the pin lock and the Nokia Pro Cam app there is a small bug that still requires you to use your pin while trying to take a quick pictures by triggering the camera app with the camera button.

Since this is an app that is published through the Store place I assume this will be fixed in a future update.

UPDATE: We know know that that Windows Phone 8 currently doesn’t support any 3rd part lenses to bypass the pin lock. I got response from Nokia on twitter that they have forwarded this issue to the team.

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Hello! You can share the link of the aplication nokia pro camera (the link of the store windows phone)

App is not shareable, can’t get a link

Programmer had a bad day.