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att locke fix 150

I wrote a few days ago about the get the free 50 GB cloud storage for your high-resolution picture on your Nokia Lumia 1020 or any other Windows Phone. However there are some reports that the app crashes when you are trying to launch it. And yes, you are not the only one. But my son Matthijs actually found the fix for this.

If you have the problem that the AT&T Locke a pp on your Windows Phone is not launching anymore, we have the fix for you. You probably went to the Background task in the application settings and turned off the AT&T Locker app so it wouldn’t allow to run in the background. Well that’s it. It needs to run in the background and the app will launch as it need to be.


Go to “Settings” -> Slide over to right for “Applications” -> Select “Background tasks” -> Tap on “AT&T Locker” ->Select the box “Turn background task on for this app the next time I open it

Now when you hit the Windows Home button you can safely open you AT&T Locker app.

att locker fix


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