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I just received my Chromecast in the mail and of course had to set up right away. I used my iPad Mini to set it up to identify with the right wireless network and tried all my options. I used a Windows Desktop, Laptop, Android (Samsung Galaxy S4) and the iOS  (iPad Mini) device. If you were early enough you could have gotten this device for just $11 after getting 3 month worth of free Netflix. Even if you were a current user. But unfortunately the stopped with this promotion

Well it is a good start but it is lacking in one specific area I wasn’t expecting.

Chromcast unboxing


The easy part is the set up.

  1. Plug in the power to the dongle and plug the Chromecast dongle into one of the HDMI ports of your TV. (There is a small HDMI extension cable that will allow you to use the Chromecast if the space is to small.)
  2. Change the TV output to the right channel. You will see the Chromecast already broadcasting the set up directions.
  3. Use any of your laptop or mobile devices to do the set up.
  4. Basically you make a wireless connection with your device to the Chromecast to authorize the Chromecast to your specific wireless network. There is a drop down of multiple networks to choose from by tapping on the box. Don’t worry it still need the password for your protected network.
  5. After authorizing it to your network you switch back with your laptop or mobile device to that same network. Once you switch back your Chromecast is ready for any device on your wireless network, but also with any hard wired computer to the network will work 🙂
  6. The TV needs to be on and the TV output needs to be on the right channel for any of the Chromecast session to work.

Chromecast setup

Chrome browser on your PC or Mac

The Chrome browser on your PC or Mac, wireless and hard wired to your network, needs the Chromecast extension which can be found here. After installing this extension you will get an added icon on your browser that allows you to chromecasttoolbarmirror yours browser screen with sound on your TV using the Chromecast.

Basically you can have your full browsing session on your TV screen. The great thing is that you can open up a new tab to continue working while the original tab keeps the broadcast going. By tapping on the Chromecast icon you can switch the broadcast to the new tab.

Other users and Google ID’s

In communicating with some friends while playing around with the Chromecast, some questions came up with multiple devices and user on the network. Well whoever is on the network and has the Chromecast capabilities on their devices can Hijack the screen. It is that easy to use the Chromecast. So it doesn’t matter which Google ID is logged in originally, everyone can access the Chromecast.

Android and iOS limitations.

On the Android Play Store you can download the Chromecast app and this app will show you the Chromecast ready apps available in the Play Store and or your device. These apps have the API built-in to recognize the Chromecast on your network. Currently the Chromecast app shows that the YouTube, netflix and Play Music apps work with the Chromecast

Currently I was only able to use the Chromecast on iOS with the original YouTube app. This app has been updated to recognize the Chromecast on your network and will display the Chromecast icon. As the API is implemented in more apps you will probably notice ,by discovery or reading the update logs, that the app will be Chromecast ready.

Both the Chrome Browser on Android and iOS have currently no option to mirror their sessions to the Chromecast.

So far I am pretty happy with the possibilities. This will be a great device to use with my Microsoft Surface Pro. “No Cables Attached” for my streaming online video’s.

You can get the Google Chromecast here or at Amazon for $35 (Amazon might be tax free for you and with free Prime membership shipping)




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