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One of the new features on Windows Phone 8 with update 3 (GDR 3) is the opportunity to turn on the driving mode when connected with specific Bluetooth connections like your vehicle. This feature enables you to ignore text and or calls. I see this as a welcomed feature to enable safer conditions on the road with those less distractions.

In my earlier article I explained that you can get the Windows Phone 8 update 3 on your developer unlocked Windows Phone 8. This feature will be standard in all new released Windows Phone 8 hardware. If you want this you can easily get a $19 developer account and bypass your carrier and phone manufacturer for installing this update. Because your carrier or manufacturer might decide not release this Windows Phone 8 update 3 to you.

How to enable Driving Mode

The first time I go through his process I will get the following steps, which I couldn’t reproduce after the initial set up. But here it is followed by the advanced settings.

  1. Go to your settings screen on your Windows Phone and select “Driving Mode”drivingmode1
  2. On the Welcome screen tap “next”
  3. The Driving Mode set up screen allow you to turn on or off the “ignore calls” and/or “ignore texts”. After your selection please tap “next”.
  4. The following screen will show you all your Bluetooth partnerships. Tap on the Bluetooth name of your car’s Bluetooth connection. In my case it is the “Incredibles”
  5. Now that connection will be labeled “Driving Mode Enabled” and select “Next”drivingmode4
  6. Now the driving is enabled and the screen will indicate that it will let you know it will be in Driving Mode when connected to your selected connections.
  7. At this point I got an option to pin this drive mode settings to my start screen in which I did. The pin option will disappear when it is pinned to your start screen. But the option will appear again when it is not pinned on your start screen.
  8. drivingmode6
  9. By tapping on the Driving Mode tile you will be able to get back to the settings and change them if you wan to, but it will also give you the option to edit the default automated text reply to these ignored text and/or phone calls when they are turned on.
  10. The first time you connect to your selected Driving Mode Bluetooth connection will prompt you an message if you are ready to enable it.
  11. While in “Driving Mode” your lock screen will remove all notification including the text and icon and will only show you the clock and date. There will be two car icons displayed as well indicating that the driving mode is enabled. These are located next to the clock and on the top bar.

Well, there you have it!! Be a safer driver and turn on your Driving mode on your Windows Phone 8.