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I have written a great article called “Custom Ringtones on Windows Phone 8  That was easy” which explains how you can easy transfer over your custom sounds and use them on your Windows Phone 8. However now there is an easy way to even record your own ringtones on Windows Phone 8 and save it directly to your Windows Phone.

The Windows Phone Insider app which is free allows you to get some great sound files but also allows you to record your own sound file and save it directly to your ringtone list on your Windows Phone 8. You can get really creative with this app. I even made one for my kids and shared it with them through text / sms.

Steps how to record and save your own ringtones on Windows Phone 8

  1. Download the Windows Phone Insider app here.
  2. Open the app on your Windows Phone.
  3. From the start screen of the Windows Phone Insider app tap on the “Record” tile.
    Record your ringtones 1
  4. Tap on the “record” button and start speaking in your lines or record another sound you want.
    record your ringtones 2
  5. Tap on the “stop” button to stop the recording.
    record your ringtones 3
  6. Select the “Save” button on the bottom of your screen.
    record your ringtones 4
  7. Give your recorded sound a custom name and if you want to make it your default ringtone right away please check the box.
    record your ringtones 5
  8. Your custom recorded sound is now listed on your Windows Phone in the “ringtones + sound settings”.

Have fun with these new creations. A great added tip is that you can share your tones easily with other Windows Phone users using your text messaging app. Just add a ringtone as an attachment. If you receive a sound through text you can “tap and hold” the message and save as a ringtone.