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Cortana is smart, but it won’t recognize you speaking funky names that we all have these days. Not all of us are Sam, Pete, Julie or Julia. Since Cortana is still only available in the English (US) it has that limitation in general but the US is filled with other cultures and other names.

Well, I have the same problem with my children giving them Dutch names. But here is how easy you add the nick names to your contact to have them recognized by Cortana. These nick names can be added by Cortana herself, but my experience so far that this is a battle. Doing a manual input will work much better and faster and you will enjoy Cortana much better and faster.

How to have Cortana recognize names, use nick names
  1. Open the Contact in your People Hub.
  2. Select the edit pencil icon on the bottom.
  3. Tap on the “+” next to the person’s name.
    Nick names Windows Phone 8 1
  4. Scroll down and tap on “Add Cortana Nick Names”
    Nick names 2 Windows Phone 8 1
  5. Add the nick names you want Cortana to recognize and select save.
    Nick names Windows Phone 3
  6. Your all set now to use these nick names with your Cortana assistant.


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