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The Window Phone 8.1 update with Cortana is amazing, but Local Scout is missing as an option like we had in Windows Phone 8. Unless you turn Cortana off and get the old Bing search back. However I like them both and would like them both on my Windows Phone 8.1. Local scout is a very great tool you want to use while you can’t use Cortana due to a public setting which is not conducive to talk to your phone. Local Scout also lets filter quickly by multiple different type of restaurants which Cortana can’t do.

Well, with the help of Cortana you can get Local Scout back on your start screen.

How to get Local Scout back On Windows Phone 8.1 with Cortana
  1. Hold down the search button on your Windows Phone which triggers Cortana and ask “Open Local Scout”
    Local scout 1 windows phone 8 1  local scout 2 windows phone 8 1
  2. When Local Scout is open tap on the “…” dots on the right bottom.
    local scout 3 windows phone 8 1
  3. Now select “Pin to Start”
    local scout 4 windows phone 8 1
  4. Your all set to use Local Scout from your home screen without talking to Cortana.
    Local scout 5 windows Phone 8 1

Update: Another way to get Local Scout back pinned on your start screen is to open the regular “Maps” app (Not the Here Maps app)  and select the “local Scout” icon followed by step 3 and 4.

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Pin to start is greyed out on my Lumia 1520 w/8.1 when I launch it via Cortana

Duh — greyed out because it already *was* pinned to Start.

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