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This tip I have to credit my daughter. She discovered that Windows Phone 8.1 is smart enough to convert potential dates with actions in the text, sms and messaging app. The great thing about this is that you can easily add calendar appointments based on some communication you have going with your family and friends. You can see below how Windows Phone 8.1 automatically underlines a potential appointment in your messaging field and lets you tap on it and Cortana will add this easily to your calendar.

The sample below show you that it will automatically recognizes “Friday” as the next Friday in the calendar and also recognizes the “at school” as the location for your appointment.

Steps to add potential dates with actions from text/sms or messaging to your calendar
  1. The text below was automatically recognized as a potential date with an action.
    Text to calendar windows phone 8 1
  2. Tap on the underlined part of the text message to convert to a calendar appointment.
    text to calendar 2 windows phone 8 1
  3. You can tap on any of the underlined parts to change the information if you need to.
    text to calendar windows 4 phone 8 1
  4. Select “add” and it will be added to your calendar.
    text to calendar 3 windows phone 8 1

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