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Yesterday a new Smart Watch named Kairos came available for pre-order. The Kairos. The difference is that this smart watch is a mechanical watch with a transparent display that lays on top of the mechanical to display the smart watch features. The details listed on their site it only mentions that the Kairos OS will be compatible with Android and IOS. But due to overwhelming request they have added Windows Phone 8.1 added to the compatibility.

I contacted the company yesterday and got this official response.



Are you ready to Pre-order now since you know now it will support Windows Phone as well. Kairos watches will come in 2 different models and are available for pre-ordering with a starting price of $499 all the way up to $1199. These prices are early bird specials (50%-60% discount) and end on July 1st.  The estimated delivery of the MSW models are in December 2014 and the in March 2015 for the SSW models.

Make sure to browse the Kairos website which has many images and information regarding their models.

This video will show you how beautiful this Kairos Mechanical Smartwatch will be.


Update : The Kairos website hasn’t disappeared. The getting Millions of hits and there servers are being overloaded.
Right now, we are having some headaches with our dedicated servers – which is also tied in with Amazon Cloudfront. We are getting literally MILLIONS of hits a day and it’s overloading our servers.”

Update 2: Kairos website should be up again. They moved to a new dedicated server and redirected their DNS.

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