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A few days ago I reported first that Kairos will bring Windows Phone support to their hybrid smart watch. Well we just found out that PH Technical labs, the maker of the popular funded Kickstarter Hot Watch, will bring Windows Phone support by the end of June with the help of Microsoft. The notification center in the developer preview of Windows Phone 8.1 is really bringing some value to developers of wearable’s. The added Bleutooth LE (Low Energy) functionality will allow wearable’s to communicate with Windows Phone 8.1. Now developers need just access to the notification center and develop within their apps how to manage the notifications you want to receive. But the Hot Watch will be able to do much more.

So what else can the Hot Watch do:

  • Private calling – your hand is your headset with palm based calling
  • Music Control
  • SMS & Email
  • Waterproof
  • Gesture controls
  • Voice recognition
  • Social Media
  • Pedometer
  • Proximity meter – never leave your phone behind.
  • More specific details are listed here.

If you helped funding the Hot Watch on Kickstarter you will receive your soon. If not you still can pre-order your now at a discount. If you order now your watch will ship in June 2014. The watch comes in 4 different form factors:

  1. Basic – discounted to $179.55 (2nd watch from the right in the image below)
  2. Edge – discounted to $ 208.05 (last one in the image)
  3. Classic – discounted to $208.o5 (1st one in the image)
  4. Curve – discounted to $236.55 (3rd one in the image)



Check out the video below.


Hopefully I’ll get a change to review one in the near future.


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