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I have always been a great fan of the STM bags. Besides being stylish, they are always very functional. This time I had the pleasures of using the STM Drifter medium backpack as our travel companion on our 10 day trip in Peru. And again this Drifter backpack from STM was really an amazing backpack to have around with us.

The STM Drifter bag has one great advantage compared to other popular hiking day packs. This backpack used for travelling and hiking actually has a special compartment for your laptop and tablet. Most of outdoor brands are great day packs but there is no secure or padded area to store any of your electronics. When travelling from hotel to hotel you don’t want to leave your high value computers at the front desk but you rather want to carry them. Good outdoor day packs come with a special rain cover and so does the STM Drifter. This was an add on that we used quite a bit to keep you stuff dry in the Drifter backpack. The light color interior of almost all STM bags let you find your belonging easy while they are stored in the bag. A lot of bags have dark interiors which makes it hard to find your stuff.

Drifter 09 Drifter 10

The top opening flap of the STM Drifter bag starts with a zipper on the back side of the back pack and zips open to the front. This allows you to open up the complete top and have full and easy access to all your belongings inside. Having the zipper start on the back side of the backpack also adds on an added security while wearing the backpack. On the inside of the main flap there is nice zippered see through pocket to store smaller items like charging cables, etc. In the main compartment you have easy access to a fleeced lined padded laptop compartment and a separate fleece lined tablet compartment that has two smaller business card sized pockets.. The front side of the main compartments has a thin divider which is great to store your print outs in a folder. After this the main compartments still has ton of space left for all your essentials. We even used it for an overnight trip from Cusco to Machu Picchu in Peru. The amount of space on the inside of the bag allows you pack enough for an overnight.

drifter 01 Drifter 02


Drifter 03

The outside of this bag will give you even more pockets. On the top of the main flap there is a zippered fleeced lined pocket, ideal for your phone or sunglasses. Inside this pocket there is even an section with two smaller pockets that allows you to organize you items securely. On the top of the front of the STM Drifter bag there is larger zippered compartment sized big enough to store your travel companion books. In the middle of the backpack there is another zippered pocket for your pen, pencils and more. And all the way on the bottom of the backpack there is a zippered pocket with the rain cover. On one side of the backpack there is elastic pocket to store your water bottle. A compression strap on the outside of this pocket allows you to secure the different size water bottles you use. Of course you store other items in this pocket as well. The other side of the Drifter backpack there is another side pocket, but this is a pocket with a zipper. You still can put another water bottle in there or store your pocket camera in this more securely. This pocket also comes with a compression strap.

Drifter 04 Drifter 05

Drifter 06 Drifter 07

The back of the backpack has comfortable foam padding with a cit out cross through the middle to allow ventilation. In the horizontal part of the cut out cross is another strap that allows you to slide the backpack over the handle of your roller suitcase. The shoulder straps are connected on the top with a thinner webbing to create more comfort in that area while the rest of the shoulder strap is padded. There is a height adjusted chest strap as well to secure the STM Drifter from bouncing around. I wish there was an option for a waist strap as well (with more pockets). There is also a quick carrying loop on the top of the backpack between the two shoulder straps.

Drifter 08

In short, this STM Drifter Bag is full of great features that work very well. STM bags look great, are designed well and above all are very functional. The STM Drifter bag, with the easy access to lots of pockets with loads of space, is a great travel companion, school companion, and work companion.

Review sample supplied by STM Bags

The STM Drifter bag is available in Graphite, Red or Olive and retails for $139.95.



Review by J. Pettigrew for Rating: I bought this for using with my Acer notboeok computer. I have the small Aspire One and this backpack swallows it up! I also wanted something to carry on a plane for short trips. I guess it will work, if I am only staying for a day or two. I have to say it would be perfect if I was back in college and toting around my books and stuff. It’s bigger than I expected, but I saw one similar to it at Sam’s club for $10 more. The construction is top-notch. I’ve had my share of backpacks and this is one of the best constructed ones. I work in a factory and the guys there think it looks great. I throw my lunch and anything else I need into it and I’m set for the day. I would have given it five stars, except after I got it, I thought it would have been better made if the sleeve for the computer was removeable. Then I could use the backpack with the sleeve when I was carrying my computer, and without when I needed the extra space for packing an extra set of jeans for riding horses after work.